Kyoto animation studio massacre in Japan leaves 33 dead

Japan never witnessed such a sight in living memory. A single man carried out the Kyoto animation studio massacre that left 33 people dead.


Kyoto animation studio massacre was a tragedy that took the authorities by surprise. The fire broke out in the morning at around 10.30am on Thursday and brought under control by 6.20am on Friday. It happened as the employees of the animation studio began the day’s activities. Suddenly, a man in his 40s appeared and started the fire. He was not an employee but shouted something about” being plagiarized.” He also shouted, “die!” and poured a liquid substance around the studio. It was probably petrol and the fire left 33 dead. The suspect apparently told police that the company stole his novel. Hence, he planned the fire to take revenge. At the time, there were more than 70 people in the three-storied building. The condition of 10 remain critical. Authorities have not disclosed identities of the victims. However, in the opinion of locals most of them could be in their 20s.

Kyoto animation studio massacre losses

Any fire leaves behind a trail of devastation. Fire does not spare anything and Kyoto animation studio suffered heavy losses. Thirty-three persons lost their lives. Nineteen bodies were on a staircase that led to the roof from the third floor. The bodies were on top of each other. The only possible explanation could be that they rushed up the stairs to escape. However, they could not open the door. This is the worst mass killing since a suspected arson attack in Tokyo killed 44 people in 2001.

Animation means youth

Animation is a specialist branch of art and involves the youth. It is there in movies, in video games and even in the ad-world. Those who are experts in this branch are irreplaceable. When more than 30 of them die at a time, their employer becomes handicapped. The company loses the work force, their ideas and their work. It has to reinvent itself.

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