Marine lives under threat, you can play a vital role to reverse that



#PlasticPollution #singleuseplastic #environment Plastic comes in many forms. They are convenient, unbreakable, and easy-to-use. That is why, over a period of time, we have got used to them. However, we must now change our line of thinking because they are hazardous substances. This is because Nature does not absorb them and they remain an eyesore in the surroundings for ages. The following illustrates the gravity of the situation.

Dangers of plastic carry bags

First and foremost are the plastic carry bags. We use them to bring home groceries, vegetables, fruits etcetera. Once we empty the contents, we discard them. The bags end up as trash and find their way into the oceans. The net result is a serious threat to marine lives.

Plastic endangers marine lives

Animals that live in water often mistake the plastic as edible matter. Once they swallow these, they land in trouble because the material clogs their digestive system. The animals have hardly any chance of survival. The victims include birds, fish, tortoises, dolphins and even whales.

What is the solution

It is not practical to stand guard and drive the animals away from the plastic litter. Therefore, the alternative is for us to say ‘No’ to plastics. We must go back to the old-fashioned cloth bags to bring groceries and vegetables.

How is Plastic Pollution Impacting Marine Life?

Great Blue Heron Swallows Fish in Plastic Bag. [Image source/Wikimedia Commons]

Plastic straw is another major threat

The next harmful item on the list is the plastic straw. It has, today, become an integral part of our lives. We attribute this to the fast paced life and associated fast foods. When we are on the move, and feel thirsty, we buy a bottle of cold drink. We sip it as we zip to our destination and when finished, we discard the straw.

How do we arrest this trend?

Needless to say, the straw is a part of today’s lifestyle. It adds to billions of such items that accumulate every day to worsen the situation. The only way to avoid this is to ban them. Thankfully, some countries have initiated action on these lines. It is a positive sign.

A brief history of how plastic straws took over the world.

White Zinfandel in plastic cups. [Image source/Wikimedia Commons]

Single-use plastic cutlery

This is yet another result of life on the fast track. Today, man is always on the move. When hungry he has to eat. However, he does not have enough time to enjoy a sit-down meal. Therefore, he opts for a readymade packed one that usually comes with single-use cutlery like spoon and fork.

Similarly for plastic cups used to serve tea, coffee etcetera. These, like the cutlery and straws, ultimately join the mound of plastics. This trend must end by imposing a ban. It is necessary to save not only the environment but also our future generations.

EU to ban plastic plates, cups and cutlery by 2021.


A Plastic cup. [Image source/S. J. Pyrotechnic, Wikimedia Commons]