Merry-go-round collapse in Mundopark fair in Spain leaves 28 children injured

At least 28 injured after fairground merry-go-round 'snapped in half leaving victims trapped.' [Image source/YouTube video]

The fair is a place we go with our children to let the hair down. We want to enjoy a few moments of unbridled fun with our kids. They want to have fun on the merry-go-round, Ferris wheel or the swings. However, when there is an accident, we are in a panic. Instead of fun, we have to worry about our kids and the extent of injuries. That is what happened in Spain when a merry-go-round collapsed at a fairground and left at least 28 injured. The main support snapped in two and those on the merry-go-round fell outside. The result was pandemonium with the kids crushed under the metal. It happened at about 2am and the venue was the San José de la Rinconada fair. Most of the injured were kids aged between 11 and 14 with injuries to the head and limbs. Some were shifted to hospitals.

Merry go round at the fair. [Image source/YouTube video]

After effects of the accident

The Mundopark fair built in 2001 had passed all the required safety inspections. Police have launched an investigation to establish the cause of the accident. Javier Fernandez, the mayor of La Rinconada, expressed hopes that the children will recover soon. The experience must have left them traumatized both psychologically and physically. They will remain mentally scarred for life because such incidents take them by surprise. Incidents of this nature will leave the kids with a fear complex. The Mayor confirmed that there is temporary suspension of the fair pending investigation.

Fair rides (swings, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round) [Image source/YouTube video]

Authorities must accept responsibility

The fair ground is not new and such an accident should not have happened. Probably, the maintenance was inadequate that led to the collapse. After all, the merry-go-round is a mechanical cum electrical device that needs regular care. The authorities cannot shy away from their responsibility. Moreover, there should have been more provisions of on-the-spot treatment of the injured.

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