Michael Bloomberg is one more hopeful Democrat who wants to oust Donald Trump

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is one more hopeful Democrat who wants to oust Donald Trump and occupy the White House.


US President Election 2020 sees one more hopeful Democrat jump into the fray. Michael Bloomberg (77) feels he is a better candidate to take on Donald Trump. Both he and Mr. Trump are businessman and Mr. Bloomberg was also former mayor of New York City. Therefore, he has filed paperwork ahead of a deadline for the Democratic primary election in Alabama. This is necessary to participate in the race to secure the party’s nomination to contest the election next year. He had earlier decided not to contest. In his opinion, the present set of Democrats will not be able to pose a strong challenge to Donald Trump. Hence, he decided to enter the already crowded field. Top three in the race right now are Former Vice President Joe Biden, and senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Mr. Bloomberg wants to see an end to the Trump regime.

Michael Bloomberg is one more hopeful Democrat

Democrats Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are fighting over wealth inequality in the US. Michael Bloomberg is another Democrat who will be alongside them. His wealth is estimated to be in the region of $52bn and voters would be puzzled. He is a late entrant in the field and he has filed his papers in Alabama. It would pose challenges to his campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire where others have already had their say.

The Bloomberg team has to work against time

His team and advisers have to expedite their paperwork for other states. The deadlines for Arkansas and New Hampshire are next week. Subsequently, state-by-state votes, or the primaries and caucuses, will be from February next year. They will pick a Democratic White House nominee. That will be at the party convention in Wisconsin in July. The individual would face President Donald Trump in the general election in November. Incidentally, Michael Bloomberg did consider a run for the White House as an independent in both 2008 and 2016.

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