Mountaineers missing in the Himalayas


Mount Everest in the Himalayas is the tallest peak in the world. Every year many try to scale the peak and, while some succeed, others perish on the way. The blame apparently lies in overcrowding. The fault could also be because of man’s passion of climbing mountains. The latest is the case of a group of climbers who are missing. It was a group of eight and they wanted to scale Nanda Devi, India’s second highest mountain. The team had four members from the UK, two from America, plus an Australian and an Indian. They began the journey to the East peak in the Himalayas on 13 May and remain untraced until now. A search and rescue team failed to locate them and heavy rains and snowfall are affecting the search. Efforts are on to deploy an Indian Air Force helicopter to assist in the operation.

Mount Everest climber describes trip up mountain as ‘a death race.’ [Image source/YouTube video]

About the team of eight

An experienced mountain guide from Britain was the leader of the team. His Scotland-based company is not a newcomer. It has run many expeditions in the Indian Himalayas. The team posted photos before it began the journey from the hills at Neem Kharoli Baba temple, Bhowali. A subsequent update was from their second base camp at 4,870 metres. It suggested the group would attempt to summit a never-before-climbed peak on the mountain. Their itinerary was Nanda Devi base camp on Friday 31 May and a nearby village of Munsiyari on 1 June.

A view of the Everest basecamp. [Image source/YouTube video]

Deaths on Mount Everest

A total of 11 mountaineers died in 2019 after summiting Mount Everest. In the opinion of experts, such tragedies are due to a number of reasons. One of these is the difficult weather conditions. Then comes the lack of experience. The  third aspect is the commercialization of expeditions. There is a single route to the summit. When delays occur from overcrowding it could prove fatal. Seasoned climbers say any part of the mountain above 26,000 feet is a potential death zone. At such a high altitude, the body can survive for a few hours. Hence, any delay in the descent can be fatal.

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