Mumbai flooding due to heavy rains for past five days, 27 dead

Mumbai is the financial hub of India and the city of film stars, film studios and dreams. However, when monsoon arrives, the rains affect everyone from schoolchildren to the offices goer.


Rains have been lashing the city of Mumbai for the fifth consecutive day. There are reports of at least 27 deaths, victims of wall collapse. Due to the rains, life has practically come to a standstill. Such flooding of roads during monsoons is a regular feature in this metropolitan city. People flock here to convert their dreams into reality. It is the financial hub of India and the city of film stars, film studios. Some of the hopefuls succeed while others perish on the roadside. However, during monsoons all of them have to struggle to reach their home, office, school, or college. Airlines cancel flights, train services are disturbed, buses do not ply. Moreover, vehicles remain stranded in the waterlogged roads. People have to wade through knee-deep water, power lines go down and life becomes unbearable. It happens every year, but why. Read on to know more.

Heavy Rains Lash Mumbai. [Image source/IndianExpressOnline YouTube video]

Reasons for Mumbai flooding

Water from the city of Mumbai flows into the Arabian Sea. This is a major factor for waterlogging because, during high tide, excess water cannot flow out. Rather, the seawater forces its way into low-lying areas. It is a natural phenomenon. Secondly, the existing drainage system is old and unable to cater to the huge population. Thirdly, the plastic pollution, which is due to the carelessness of human beings. The plastic clogs the drainage system and leads to waterlogging. What does one do? It is not possible to move the city away from the seashore. Relaying of the drainage system is a long time project. Hence, people can at least take care of the plastic litter. Read more here.

Rainfall in Mumbai continues, causes water-logging at several places. [Image source/Hindustan Times YouTube video]

Mumbai is the city of dreams

This city offers millions of opportunities and the lucky ones benefit. Many of them engage in work at construction sites to build skyscrapers. They usually reside in sheds near the boundaries of the sites. During heavy rains, they face grave risks when the boundary wall caves in. Such accidents claim lives. Others try to join the film industry. Here again it is a give-and-take policy. Those who are ready to compromise win.

Heavy Rain: Why Mumbai is vulnerable to urban flood. [Image source/News Nation YouTube video]

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