New air service from New York to St. Helena will be a boon for tourists

St. Helena is famous as the place of Napoleon Bonaparte’s exile and death and sits in the middle of south Atlantic.


United Airlines will start an air service New York to St. Helena.  It will be a non-stop flight from New York/Newark to Cape Town. Once there, the regional South African airline Airlink will take over to take them to St Helena. Tentative date of starting is by mid-December. The beauty of this volcanic island is its remote location, also known as the “end of the earth.” The new service will be a boon for international tourists. At present, there will be a weekly flight on a Tuesday. There will be no flight on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Incidentally, it did not have any commercial air link until 2017. In 2016, South African airline Comair had plans to start flights to the island. They used a Boeing 737-800 aircraft but it faced navigation problems and the project abandoned. Some other airlines also tried but failed.

Air service to St. Helena will be a boon

St. Helena is remote and the community of about 4500 community has to depend on a ship for contact with the outside world. It was the mail ship RMS St Helena. Duration of the journey was five-and-a-half day from Cape Town, South Africa. Its frequency of operation was once every three weeks. Obviously, the air service will be a boon for tourism. The island boasts of desert as well as rainforest terrain. This allows visitors to get a glimpse of an “untouched paradise.” Additional attractions are whale and dolphin watching.

St. Helena has a historical past

This history of the island attracts tourists, especially history buffs and French visitors. It was the final place for Napolean Bonaparte. The British exiled him to St. Helena in 1815 and he remained imprisoned there until his execution in 1821. The island has a huge diversity of natural and manmade attractions and is another destination worth exploring, thanks to the new air service New York to St. Helena.

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