North Korea to send a Christmas gift to the U.S. as a surprise

There is no progress on talks on the nuclear deal and Pyongyang feels a Christmas gift to the U.S. could be a tool to open locked doors.


North Korea appears to be losing patience on finalizing a nuclear deal. It plans to send a Christmas gift to the U.S. Nature of the gift is a secret but it could be a major surprise. In 2017, its gift was test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The occasion was the Fourth of July holiday. It had increased tension between the two countries. Subsequently, things have quietened down and Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un met. However, the issue of nuclear talks remains unresolved. Therefore, the proposed “Christmas gift” is significant. It could mean resumption of long-distance missile tests by North Korea. In recent months, the country has conducted tests on short-range missiles but not on the long-range ones. Pyongyang has pushed the ball into the court of Washington. An official has said – “It is entirely up to the US what Christmas gift it will select to get.”

Kim Jong-un is getting impatient

An official of North Korean Foreign Ministry says US is using the talks for domestic political gain. The Christmas gift to the U.S. will depend on how America reacts. It could be something like an ICBM it launched in 2017. Kim Jong-un is on a tour of Mount Paektu. It is an active volcano on the country’s border with China. The North Korean leader is on horseback. Along with him are his wife and other officials. This was his second trip there since October.

Donald Trump remains calm

US President Donald Trump is in London for a NATO summit. He has said – “we’ll see what happens.” Both he and Kim Jong-un have developed a rapport. They have met and engaged in face-to-face talks. Trump has said in a lighter vein – “(Kim Jong-un) definitely likes sending rockets up, doesn’t he? That’s why I call him “Rocket Man.”

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