Papua New Guinea – a travel destination and a paradise for drug smugglers

International drug traffickers had used Papua New Guinea, a favorite tourist spot, to hide cocaine in one of the remote islands.


It was a shock for the fisherman of Budi Budi island in Papua New Guinea. He had gone to hunt shark and landed something he never expected. It was a huge catch of cocaine valued at $50m. He was working near one of the uninhabited atolls when he saw a rope in the water. Curious, he followed the rope. It took him to patch of sand on the shore and the buried bags. He was surprised because they were duffel bags filled with some substance he had never seen before. In fact, these were bars of white powder in the 11 bags. He had apparently stumbled upon a consignment of cocaine hidden by drug traffickers. The chance discovery led to a confrontation between the locals and the drug gang. Therefore, they fought with the locals and managed to escape with the cocaine.

Tourists in Papua New Guinea – Tropical Islands. [Image source/travelguruTV YouTube video]

Papua New Guinea linked in cocaine case

Budi Budi is a tiny part of Papua New Guinea without any police. Hence, it has to rely on the force is at the provincial capital of Alotau located nearly 370km away. Obviously, the drug traffickers felt it was an ideal location for their operations. This reveals the existence of drug trafficking links in the Pacific. It is a very profitable industry involving items like cocaine and meth. These are shipped via yachts that originate in the US, Latin America and China. The vessels land up in Australia and New Zealand via Fiji, Tonga and New Caledonia. There have been instances of discovering underwater storage nets filled with cocaine. At times, the bags of cocaine wash up on a remote island and locals mistake it for washing powder.

Snorkelling Kitava Island, Trobriand Islands Papua New Guinea. [Image source/laikanuki YouTube video]

Travel destinations in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is located in the southwestern Pacific and shares a land-border with Indonesia. Australia lies to the south of PNG. It is a country with immense cultural and biological diversity. Its beaches and coral reefs are tourist attractions. There are also inland and active volcanoes. Other plus points are Mt. Wilhelm, dense rainforest and hiking routes like the Kokoda Trail. In addition, there are tribal villages. Some of them have their own languages.

The Food of Papua New Guinea. [Image source/Kelley Ferro YouTube video]

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