Plans to storm Area 51 in search of aliens

Area 51 is in America and it carries out top-secret missions for the USA. People believe that it is deeply involved in Extra Terrestrial activities involving aliens also.


Area 51 in search of aliens would appear to have links with sci-fi. However, it is the current topic for those who are interested in aliens from outer space. A group of enthusiasts wants to storm Area 51 in the Nevada desert. Its scheduled date is 20 September and many treat this as a joke. The USAF is not taking chances. They have issued warning to those who attempt such a storming. An official has said the place is an open training range for the US Air Force. It has also cautioned that the USAF is always ready to protect America and its assets. No one knows the likely turn of events. In case thousands of alien hunters really arrive, the authorities will have a tough job on hand. People want to find out the truth. Their interest is genuine since humans want to settle on the Moon and Mars.

STORM AREA 51: What They Aren’t Telling You. [Image source/Explore With Us YouTube Video]

Area 51 and aliens

The common person is curious to learn more about aliens and extraterrestrial beings. Incidentally, the spot in the desert is isolated and closely guarded. Entry is restricted but the enthusiast are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. There are rumors about the remnants of an alien in its custody. It has been there since the 1950s. Some of the insiders might have seen it. Outsiders want to know the truth and want to enter Area 51 in search of aliens. The authorities are tightlipped. They do not want to share the secrets, if any. Hence, the storming plan.

The mystery deepens

The official stand of America is that Area 51 is a testing base for its secret weapons.  The U-2 spy plane underwent testing here. Even now, similar activities continue but there is total silence on any connection to aliens or ETs. Hence, the people are losing patience. Thanks to sci-fi movies, they have seen examples of what aliens might look like. They probably want to know how it compares with the so-called alien in Area 51.

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