Polar bears invade a Russian village in search of food

Large number of polar bears arrived in search of food in a village in Russia located on the shore of the Arctic Ocean.


The village in the far east of Russia has a population of hardly 500 residents. Dozens of polar bears have landed there in search of food. This is because ice is melting in the poles due to higher temperatures of surrounding areas. That has a direct effect on their hunting habits. If the ice were strong enough, they would have moved to the sea. It would have offered them food like seals or sea hares. That is what Mikhail Stishov, an official of WWF-Russia says. He adds – “We need to adapt to this so that neither people nor bears suffer.” The village is opposite Wrangel Island, which is the “maternity house” for these animals. They have been in the region for a long time. Russian branch of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has confirmed this. These bears appear to be emaciated and are of different ages.

There is understandable panic  

This sudden invasion of polar bears in search of food have led to a panic situation. People have begun to patrol the area. They are especially worried about schools and kindergartens. The authorities have cancelled public events and children are going to school in buses. This sort of arrival of the animals is a matter of concern. Earlier, there used to be groups of hardly three to five polar bears near the village. If the trend continues, it will pose problems for the people. Hunger will drive them and it will end up in man-animal conflict. It is a delicate subject and will aggravate unless people assign priority to arrest global warming

Polar bears are usually harmless

These animals might appear to be aggressive because of their size. However, in the opinion of people in the know, polar bears usually remain calm when they meet people. So far, there is only one incident of a bear killing a human. It happened in 2011.

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