Street foods from England and America to Bengal


Street foods have become an integral part of any culture. The urge to travel, meet new people, see new sights and taste new cuisine have ensured the rise in popularity of this culture. The rich and famous go to five star hotels, but the common man opts for street foods. This is because they come cheap and the variety on offer is mindboggling. Examples are many like the tacos on the streets of Mexico. Then comes the combination of fish and chips in Britain. This is one of the most popular British foods. When we come to America, it is the hot dogs. They appear on the menu at practically every eating joint. In addition, there are the roadside hot dog stands and food trucks in big cities like Chicago, Detroit and New York. The best part is the humble eggplant. It has takers in countries like Bengal and Bangladesh.

Hot Dog Stand in Lakewood Blvd, California. [Image source/YouTube video]

The Kolkata connection

The Times of India is a leading newspaper. It conducted a recent survey on “Taste of Travel” and categorized Kolkata as the best destination in India for the staggering variety of street food. Dominique Lapierre had described Kolkata as the City of Joy and its range of street foods is huge. There are the age-old jhal muri and phuchka to telebhaja, egg rolls, and fish fry.  Most of these have been there for ages and continue to hold fort. They are invariably at prime locations and are always overcrowded. One has to jostle for space.

Kolkata Street Food, Phuchka. [Image source/YouTube video]

What is so special for street foods

In a hotel or a restaurant, the waiter takes your order. You order based on the menu and the waiter clarifies your doubts, if any. Finally, when the items arrive on your table, you may not like it. Probably, it could be the color, the shape or the amount. However, when it comes to street foods, it’s all there in front of your eyes. The best part is the variety of items displayed and the speed at which they serve the customers.

Jhalmuri | Indian Street Food. [Image source/YouTube video]

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