The beer tourism of North Korea will offer tourists a taste of the drink with visit to vineyards

A tour company has drawn up plans for a beer tourism of North Korea. It will be in March 2020 and the visitors can enjoy Korean beer.


The concept of beer tourism of North Korea is a novel one. A tour company of Cambridgeshire has drawn up plans for such a tour. Visitors would get an opportunity to taste the drinks on offer in the best pubs and bars in Pyongyang. Tentative dates would be in March 2020. British people celebrate Irish heritage on St Patrick’s Day. They now have another option. Organizers of the tour promises to take the visitors to local vineyards. Once there, they can taste the local wines. They can claim to be the first-ever Western visitors. Drinking culture in North Korea is big business. The country produces the products but face difficulties in exploring external markets. This is because of sanctions imposed on it due to its nuclear programs. There are microbreweries everywhere and majority of the products goes for local consumption. Organizers of the tour are confident of a favorable response.

Beer tourism of North Korea

Taedonggang is the name of the most famous beer of the country. It derives its name from a river that runs Pyongyang, the capital. Some might find its taste familiar. This could be because much of the equipment that went to build the brewery came from a brewery in Wiltshire. In the opinion of an expert – “This is a much more funky, full-bodied and bitter style than the beers of South Korea.” He goes on to add that people of North Korea are friendly, kind and inquisitive folks. They are curious to learn about others.

Foreign wines are also available

Some of the wines have medicinal value. Moreover, in spite of sanctions, the bars in Pyongyang have a good collection of foreign liquor. These include single malt whiskies, spirits, wines and champagnes. Incidentally, foreigners have to be careful because the laws are strict. Any false step could mean serious trouble, including imprisonment. The tour will depart from China, and will run from March 15 to March 20, 2020.

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