The US Coast Guard intercepts huge consignment of cocaine valued at $69million

It was a huge consignment of cocaine intercepted by the US Coast Guard. The street value of the 5,000 lbs of cocaine recovered was about $69million.


Smugglers always try to bring in consignment of cocaine by devious means. One of these is by using the waterways.  The drugs have ready markets and sell at a premium and coastal police remain alert to intercept them. That is how the US Coast Guard played an important role to foil a smuggling attempt. They stopped a narco-submersible in the Pacific Ocean. It was carrying nearly 5,000 lbs of cocaine, with a street value of approximately $69million. According to the Coast Guard, a maritime patrol aircraft flagged a suspected narcotic-trafficking semi-submersible in the water. That was in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Subsequently, the US Coast Guard entered the scene. They intercepted the vessel in international waters and its team took over control of the vessel. There were four suspected smugglers in the vessel and the law took over before they could sink the sub.

It was a big catch of contraband

The consignment of cocaine was in the form of bundles wrapped in fabric. They were in the form of bricks for ease of handling and were removed from the smuggler’s vessel. It was a joint operation involving the crews of US Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf and Harriet Lane. They transferred the cocaine from the vessel of the narco-traffickers to that of the military. The Coast Guard is active in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Basin. Their mission is to patrol known drug transit zones along the coasts of Central and South America. In 2018, the Harriet Lane helped seize 17,203 pounds of cocaine. The value of the seizure was $260million.

War against drugs an ongoing effort

Drugs are harmful to society because they lead to an increase in crime apart from health issues. Hence, the world is always waging a war on those who operate the smuggling rings. Agencies like the US Coast Guard and Harriet Lane play a vital role in containing the menace.

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