Vladimir Putin hopes Donald Trump will come to Russia to mark the Victory Day on May 9 next year

Russia will hold 75th anniversary of victory in World War II on May 9 next year and Putin would like to have Donald Trump with him to mark the Victory Day.


Russia holds an annual parade on May 9 to mark the Victory Day. It commemorates the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany. Vladimir Putin presides over the event that showcases Russia’s military hardware and he hopes Donald Trump would join him next year.  The Russian President also said Moscow was ready for talks with Washington. He knows the US President would be busy with his reelection campaign at the time. Incidentally, Trump had indicated recently that he could consider attending the event once he receives an invitation. The invitation has come and Trump will have to decide on his course of action. Right now, the relation between the two super powers are at a low. In spite of that, both Putin and Trump have maintained a good relationship. However, the US President has to devote some time to his campaign, which will peak at that time.

Donald Trump appreciated the invitation

On the subject of invitation to Donald Trump to mark the Victory Day, an official said White House has yet to reply. Trump was preoccupied with his fundraising program. He apparently told the media that he appreciated the invitation. From what he told reporters, it is evident that he is keen to be there. This is because Russia puts on display its wide range of its military arsenal that include tanks and missiles. Vladimir Putin presides over an annual parade that commemorates the Soviet Union’s World War II win over Nazi Germany. Trump has said that celebrating the end of the war was a “very big deal.” The Kremlin says – the program for the 75th anniversary would be marked with great pomp.

Trump’s focus is on the election

The event to mark the Victory Day will be just before the primary in Indiana. It would be in the heat of the campaign. A trip to Moscow at that time could help his opponents in the Democratic primary race. As it is, the U.S.-Russia relations are under strain. American intelligence agencies have mentioned about the interference of Moscow in the 2016 presidential election to help Trump. Therefore, the big question would be whether Putin will have Trump with him on the big day.

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