Will America get a woman as the 46th president of America or will Donald Trump return

Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris are two Democrats and one of them could put up a tough fight to oust Donald Trump


In the USA, it is always a fight between the Democrats and the Republicans. Right now, it is the 2020 fight and the field of Democrats is crowded. There are 20 candidates and only one of them will win the nomination. Hence, they are slogging it out in debates. Among them, two have made some impression. They are Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Kamala Harris (D-Calif.). Obviously, the possibilities of America getting a woman president brightens. Last time, Hillary Clinton was a candidate but she lost out to Donald Trump. This time, there could be a tough contest because the two women have shattered the conventional wisdom that surrounds female politicians. During the debates, both of them showed up as powerful, smart and deeply connected to the issues that affect Americans. As an observer explained – “Warren and Harris showed us what a president could be and it was thrilling.”

Everything Kamala Harris Said at the Democratic Debate, From Food Fights to Busing. [Image source/NBC New York YouTube video]

Donald Trump relies on Kim Jong-un

The Republican Party has so far not nominated any individual and Donald Trump will stand for reelection. He believes he must be reelected because of his strategy to keep North Korea in check. The hermit kingdom could have upset the balance of the Korean peninsula by pursing its nuclear ambitions. However, there was no confrontation and Trump met Kim and had two summit meetings. No concrete solution has emerged and Trump plated a masterstroke. He has met Kim at the DMZ and became the first US President to set foot in North Korea. They are engaged in a one-to-one discussion and it will boost his image among the voters. That is probably the reason he suddenly decided to meet the North Korean leader.

A woman as the 46th president of America

Women have occupied seats of power in other countries and America could get a woman as the 46th president. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are two contenders worth watching. They have proved in the debates that they have it in them to deliver the goods. Moreover, a woman POTUS would be a new concept and could bring in changes for the good.

Democratic Debate: See Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Opening Answer. [Image source/NBC New York YouTube video]

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