WWII American submarine USS Grayback found after 75 years on the seabed near Okinawa

USS Grayback WWII American submarine disappeared in 1944 when attacked by a Japanese aircraft. Its wreckage is lying at the bottom of the East China Sea.


The wreckage of USS Grayback WWII American submarine is located. Credit for this goes to the Lost 52 Project. Its aim is to locate lost US submarines from the World War Two era. The underwater exploration team found the USS Grayback off the coast of Okinawa in Japan. It sunk after an attack by a Japanese aircraft and sank in 1944 with 80 crewmembers onboard. During World War Two, the warring nations lost their men and machines to enemy attacks. The losses included aircraft, warships and submarines. After the war ended, specialized teams emerged to search for these lost assets. They are equipped with latest technology to locate such lost items that throw light on the past. On retrieval of items from the wrecks, experts try to recreate the last moments of those who met a watery grave. The authorities have conveyed the information to the families of the crewmembers.

The WWII American submarine was a war casualty

Any war leads to loss of lives and assets. World War Two was no exception and all sides suffered losses. USS Grayback was one of the casualties. The Japanese sunk it in 1944 and an underwater exploration project has now located the lost sub. It was lying off the coast of Okinawa at a depth of approximately 1,400ft. The team used latest drone technology to zero in on the wreckage. This American submarine had sunk at least 14 ships during the war, and was one of 52 subs lost in action.

World War Two is history

The scenario post WWII reveals a basic intention among countries to avoid direct confrontation. Wars do not help any cause and, in an effort to go one up on others, there is only destruction. It is interesting to note that Japan has fought against the United States during WWII but today it is an ally.

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