Xi Jinping’s visit to North Korea could translate into a nuclear free Korean peninsula

The first ever visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to North Korea heralds in hopes of peace in the region.


All eyes are on the outcome of the meeting between Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un. The Chinese president is on a two-day state visit to the hermit kingdom. It is the first by any Chinese leader to North Korea in 14 years. The agenda of their meeting could include issues like the stalled talks over North Korea’s nuclear program. There were expectations of a solution emerging at the Hanoi summit in February between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. However, that did not happen and there are hopes that Xi Jinping could intervene as an advisor to Kim. North Korea is an ally of China and the two of them met five times in the course of the last 15 months. This is because Kim values the advice of the senior leader. Right now, North Korea is under sanctions, which has had an adverse effect on its economy.

Chinese President Xi Arrives in Pyongyang, North Korea. [Image source/YouTube video]

Kim Jong-un must shift gears

North Korea has proved its nuclear abilities but it must shelve its nuclear ambitions for good. That is the only way the country can come out of isolation and prosper. The meeting in Pyongyang between Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un comes just a week before the G20 summit in Japan. There, the Chinese president is set to meet the US president. Xi Jinping would discuss the issue of denuclearization with Kim while in Pyongyang. Later, he could share the feedback with Donald Trump at the G20 summit. The intention is to bring peace in the Korean peninsula because a confrontation with nuclear weapons means miseries all around.

Xi and Kim meet in Pyongyang. [Image source/YouTube video]

Relief from sanctions

The economy of Kim Jong-un’s regime is in a crisis. It is struggling to come to terms with international sanctions. These had been imposed because of its repeated nuclear and missile tests. China is North Korea’s biggest trading partner, and it has backed those sanctions. However, it feels them to be too harsh and wants relaxation since it has already taken some steps towards denuclearization. Incidentally, North Korea exports minerals, fish, textiles, and workers. However, because of sanctions, al such trade is facing difficulties.

Video of Xi Jinping meeting Kim Jong Un in North Korea. [Image source/YouTube video]

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