By Ruchi Sinha.

These hectic times have converted sleep into a luxury rather than necessity. It’s a common notion that it is ok to sleep less but it affects us adversely. Our body needs sleep to maintain anything from healthy body to sane mind. When we sleep less, health ailments and sleep apnea become a common issue.

A sleep time of 6-8 hours is vital for everyone. There are many factors which affects your sleep like stress, irregular working hours and sleep apnea. When we incorporate few habitual change it acts as efficient sleep booster.

It’s time we learn more about such habits.


1. Scheduled sleep time.

It is good is you sleep and wake on same time every day. It may be hard but it’s the most essential thing. When you make a habit of sleeping at same time, you are improving your sleep pattern. This also stabilizes sleep changing one’s sleeping habits. This plays a good role in good health and weight management as well.

2. Light exposure.

When we sleep room is always dark, right but it prevents us from waking in early mornings. A study says one should have slight exposure of light in night to wake with sunlight.

3. Saying no to coffee.

Coffee is our most favorite drink. However, it isn’t a good idea to have coffee before going to bed. This drives the sleep away. If you want to have coffee it should be taken in evenings rather than night.

4. Exercising daily.

Everyone knows importance of exercise more so in today’s times. Exercise not only improves our health but is also ideal sleep booster. Latest research says exercising daily enhances your chances of sleeping for 6-8 hours. This gives us more reason to exercise daily.

5. Eating light meals.

It is important to have dinner but it should be light. Now, it has been suggested that having light meals in night is not only good for digestion but also sleep. As when you eat more you can’t sleep well due to improper digestion. It is good to have a meal three hours before sleep. A new research says light night time meal eases one’s night time sleep.

Now that we know real value of sleep, it makes sense to inculcate these in our daily lifestyle. In longer run, It may not be easy but practice makes it easier.