5 Summer friendly fruits for optimising health.


By Ruchi Sinha

As summer approaches our appetite decreases and lethargy sets in the body. Summer is taxing and takes a toll on your health. Hence it becomes essential more than ever to eat healthy to feel refreshed and nourished. It is a thinking that eating fruits is not right however it’s untrue. Contrary to belief, eating fruits in summer is beneficial as it is good in everything from skin to general health. Summer fruits are also delicious and appeal to taste buds.

Let’s learn about summer friendly fruits and debunk the old myths.

1. Mango

Mango is the king of fruits. There are many misconceptions about mango but it’s untrue. In fact, mango is a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients. It is abundant in Vitamin A, C, D, Iron, Potassium and calcium. These make it healthy and nutritious for everyone. Vitamin C helps in boosting immunity. Who doesn’t desire a beautiful and younger looking skin? Therefore look no further than Mango as it has vitamin C which plays a key role in optimum skin management giving you a youthful skin. Additionally, it may help you in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and heart rate. This makes Mango must in daily diet.

However, it must be taken in a limited amount. It is good to have Mango as a breakfast food as it will curb hunger and stop overeating.

2. Papaya.

Papaya is all season fruit but especially good in summers. In summers our digestion becomes weak due to excessive heat making constipation and indigestion common. Papaya has Vitamin A, Phytochemicals and is an abundant source of Vitamin C. Being rich in Vitamin C, it becomes essential if you want to lose weight. At the same time, it is very good for the stomach as it heals indigestion and stomach bloating. It gives you a strong digestive system.

Papaya is a must as a breakfast food.

3. Plums.

Plums are a very healthy summer fruit. They not only look good but also taste good. Plums have fibres, sorbitol and satin. These are beneficial for one’s health as it cures indigestion and stomach ailments. Once the stomach is strong you will have a healthier and fitter life.

It is good to include it in your daily diet.

4. Guava.

This is yet another fruit which is loaded with nutrients and vitamins. We think guava has only vitamins but it also has fibre like an apple. It has been suggested guava can boost mental as well as eye health. It is equally good for metabolism as it quickens it. In the long run, it helps in optimising weight management.
A guava a day is better than an apple.

5. Litchi.

Litchi is a healthy fruit. In fact, very few of us know that litchi holds health healing potential. It has polyphenol, Vitamin A and C. Vitamin c help in boosting your immunity, improving skin health and weight loss. If one has fewer red blood cells consuming litchi may boost red blood cells production.
Litchi is a must for anyone who wants healthy skin to heart.

Fruits are good for every season and these facts further strengthen this theory. It is wrong to avoid fruits in summer. Hence eat more fruits in summer and live a healthy life.