Rare Form: Web Design Oxford Agency Turns 22


Oxford, Oxfordshire, May 16, 2020

Local web design agency turns 22 this year, making it the oldest web design firm in Oxford. 

Rare Form is Officially Oxford’s oldest web design firm, who celebrated their twenty second birthday in March of 2020. Since 1998, Rare Form has been providing web design, marketing, branding, web development & more to Oxfordshire and beyond for twenty two years. 

This dynamic company has a different approach to the web design & marketing process. They employ ZERO sales people so that the middle man is completely cut out and clients work directly with the people working on their project. This is a unique proposition in the world of web design and marketing companies. In a world where other CEOs are merely figureheads, the leadership of Rare Form consists of a designer & marketing guru and a genius level programmer with multiple patents under his belt. It was the intention of Rare Form to work at a level where they are involved with all projects, not just as figureheads who took larger paychecks. 

Rare Form is also a woman led company, making it one of only two (as we know) web design firms in Oxfordshire to be run by a woman from day one. Others have been appointed (or married in, in one case that is known). Very few tech companies are actually women led from day one. 

Rare Form was formed in 1998 with a simple idea, to make marketing driven websites that actually worked. Most web design companies either haven’t been in the game as long, or were a direct marketing / printer etc, that had to adjust and become something different in order to compete. Rare Form is different in this respect, as they have been making websites from day one, and never looked back. 

Rare Form specialises in web design Oxford, SEO, app development and custom software development.