Let the Gaming commence….


On March 30th, The Engine Shed, Lincoln hosted a gaming festival, that attracted gamers of all generations to come together for their love of gaming.

The event included modern and retro console, arcades, VR, tournaments and more.

It wasn’t just open to the console games, but also gave gaming shop an opportunity to shine. Gotham Games is a shop based on Lincoln High street who specialise in all things gaming, films, figures and much more.


They gave me their thoughts on the festival a well as their favourite consoles and game.

Virtual Reality proved to be extremely popular on the day, Virutal Reality or as it is known in simple terms ‘VR’ is a term used to describe a three dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person.


Whether you’re retro or modern, solo or multiplayer one thing is for sure we can all appreciate the chance to experience consoles from our childhood but also new games.The gaming industry is one that is changing daily adapting to the growing demand of its audiences and with computer games, Console games, arcade and VR all proving popular who knows what’s next on the horizon