John Singleton will be missed…


As we all know, most recently the great filmmaker/storyteller was in a coma after suffering from a stroke while in the hospital. At age 51, the decision to take him off life support was made. Singleton, who created iconic films such as Boyz in the Hood, Poetic Justice, Higher Learning, and Baby Boy to name a few. His legacy will continue to live on through his films. For the fans who love him knew that whenever he was directing, whether it be a full feature film or TV show series, his work was worth viewing. Singleton also directed the King of Pop Michael Jackson’s smash hit, “Do You Remember” starring Eddie Murphy, Magic Johnson, and several others. When Boyz in the Hood came out, I was only 10 years old. My sister and older cousin were teenagers. We all traveled to Florence, SC from Kingstree, SC, which is about 30 to 45 minutes. I was told that I was supposed to go see “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey” while my sister and cousin were going to watch Boyz in the Hood. Unfortunately, Bill and Ted had stopped showing and my parents had already left us at the theater. My sister and cousin and were already inside to watch Boyz in the Hood. The workers told me I needed to call my parents after I realized that Bill and Ted weren’t showing at a later time. But this is 1991 before everyone had mobile phones. I was scared and disappointed for a moment, but then, I was like, “My sister and cousin are here”. So, I waited till a crowd went inside the theater so I could hide and blend in. Luckily, I saw where my sister and cousin were sitting and I sat right in between them. I was able to watch Boyz in the Hood directed by John Singleton. Although I was too young to watch this film at such a young age, I truly believe this movie helped mold me to become the once young man I was up until the grown man that I am today. I learned so much from this film. Later, I would also become a fan of his other works. Alongside Spike Lee, he is truly an inspiration towards my career. Just two years ago, I decided to write a screenplay in honor of him. I believe in giving people their flowers while they’re still alive. I watched a youtube short film parody of Friday written by Ice Cube, who played in a few films directed by Singleton. The writer and director of this youtube Friday parody just wanted to do something in honor of his favorite filmmaker, Ice Cube. Needless to say, I asked myself the question, “Who’s my favorite filmmaker”? Of course, it’s no other than John Singleton. So, I began putting my ideas together and I came up with a great concept of using four different characters from four of Singleton’s movies. However, I let things got in my way of producing this monumental concept, idea, and potential project. Hopefully, I will be able to do it in the near future…

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Rell C.
Born and raised in rural South Carolina. I spent most of my youth living on a farm. My grandfather was a farmer. While my father was a social worker and part time videographer. I became interested in videography also. I took journalism in high school, which inspired me to further my education at Benedict College where I majored in Mass Communications Broadcast. During my freshman year, I became interested film. Unfortunately after graduation, I was unsuccessful in landing a job based on my studies from college. Therefore, I continued to pursue my passion by attending film school in Orlando, Florida. Once I graduated from film school, I immediately started working on my short film. Two years later, I began writing a book based on the short film.