Brooke Burke’s Age-Defying Diet and Exercise Tips Revealed

brooke burket diet exercise
Brooke Burket’s anti-aging bikini body secrets are daily exercise and a Mediterranean-style diet. (Instagram)

Fitness expert Brooke Burke has had a rough year due to her recent divorce, but you can’t tell that judging by her sizzling bikini body and cheery disposition.

Last week, Burke made headlines when she posted a nearly-nude Instagram selfie that spotlights how effective her diet and exercise regimen is.

In the racy photo, Brooke sports a pink cut-off top and no pants while leaning against a wall. The mom of four explained that she posed semi-nude at age 47 to prove that you can be in great shape at any age.

Burke: You Can Sculpt Your Body at Any Age

“Going for it! 😊 | it took me a bit to get the courage to post,” Brooke wrote. “This female-curated shoot which represents many things for me. Vulnerability, sensuality, confidence. YES you can tone, sculpt and reshape your beautiful body at every age.”

Brooke Burke: Exercise Is My Antidepressant

Of course, it helps that Burke is a lifelong fitness fanatic. She started her career as a bikini model and then transitioned to TV host. Her most recent TV gig was “Dancing With the Stars.”

Since then, Burke has resumed her career as a fitness mogul. Over the years, Brooke has released a number of top-selling workout videos.

Burke says her anti-aging fitness secret is regular exercise and a Mediterranean-style diet that emphasizes healthy fats such as olive oil and avocados, vegetables, lean proteins, beans, and nuts, Shape reported.

Like other fitness fanatics, Brooke says she works out to stay mentally fit, as well as physically strong.

Burke’s workout regimen includes Pilates, light weightlifting, and cardio exercise such as walking on the treadmill at an incline. Brooke tries to work out 5 days a week, but admits that it’s sometimes hard to maintain that schedule because of her hectic lifestyle.

“I get on the treadmill, put it at a 15% incline and walk at about 3.5 miles per hour,” she says. “I’m also crazy about Pilates Plus, which I do three times a week. The class is 55 minutes, head to toe. In that short amount of time, I’ve done everything I need to do.”

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Brooke Burke: Exercise Gives You Self-Confidence

While working out has given her an enviable bikini body, Brooke says the best thing about exercise is the confidence it gives you.

“There’s something magical about a woman who feels comfortable in her own skin,” she says. “Power and beauty come from a very deep place.  The older a woman gets, the more she can tap into that — at least that’s what I’ve experienced personally. It’s about owning who you are.”

As HVY reported, a healthy diet and exercise are indeed the fountain of youth. Just ask Ernestine Shepherd, who still has a jaw-dropping bikini body that many women half her age would envy. Ernestine is 82.

Ernestine Shepherd bikini diet workout
Ernestine Shepherd credits a high-protein diet and bodybuilding workouts for her incredible bikini body at age 82. (Facebook)