Christie Brinkley, 65, Flaunts Hot Bikini Body: Diet and Workout Tips

Christie brinkley bikini body photo
Supermodel Christie Brinkley credits a vegetarian diet and daily workouts for her youthful bikini body physique at age 65.

Supermodel Christie Brinkley may be 65 years old, but she still has a smoking-hot bikini body, as evidenced by her recent Instagram photos.

Brinkley posted a series of flirty Instagram pictures from a tropical vacation, where she showed off the results of her diet and workout regimen.

Christie credits vegetarian diet and exercise for sleek physique

In one snapshot, Christie sports a tiny black bikini while enjoying the sandy beaches of her island getaway. Brinkley’s toned legs and flat abs are as impressive as ever.

christie brinkley bikini workout diet
Christie Brinkley is a three-time cover girl for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. (Instagram)

In another photo, Brinkley looks like a goddess in a green bikini as she leans against a palm tree on the beach.

christie brinkley bikini instagram
Can you believe Christie Brinkley is 65? (Instagram)

Brinkley completed four-week stint on Broadway

If Christie looks unusually fit lately, it’s because she recently completed a four-week stint on the hit Broadway musical β€œChicago” from April 18 through May 12, 2019.

As HVY reported, Christie Brinkley resumed the role of Roxie Hart, following two previous stints in 2011 and 2012. The blonde bombshell has also played Roxie in London and on tour.

The musical requires a lot of dancing, so it’s no surprise that Brinkley is fitter than she has been in decades.

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Blonde beauty does yoga, lifts weights, and walks

Christie β€” a three-time Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl β€” says her anti-aging fitness and beauty secrets are an organic vegetarian diet, yoga workouts, light weightlifting, and daily walks.

Brinkley has been a vegetarian since 13 because she loves animals. She claims that not eating meat has made her healthier, more energetic, and youthful.

β€œI made the decision [to become vegetarian at age 13] because I loved animals,” Brinkley has said. β€œI’ve avoided the constant antibiotic injections into animals and the growth hormones.”

Christie Brinkley: An attitude of gratitude keeps me young

Christie Brinkley says maintaining a positive attitude and being grateful for her blessings has helped her remain happy despite four divorces and other personal setbacks.

β€œI really believe attitude plays a huge part in how you feel,” Christie said. β€œOne of the best is to care about the world around you.”

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