Craig Wright Releases Book ‘Satoshi’s Vision: The Art of Bitcoin’

craig wright art of bitcoin book
Self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright released a book called "Satoshi's Vision: The Art of Bitcoin." (screenshots)

Self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright has released a book called “Satoshi’s Vision: The Art of Bitcoin.”

The book is an edited compilation of Wright’s blog posts published on Medium and on his personal website

craig wright book art of bitcoin satoshi vision
Craig Wright’s “art of bitcoin” book chronicles his alleged journey as Satoshi Nakamoto. (screenshot)

Craig Wright doubles down on Satoshi claims

In The Art of Bitcoin, Wright chronicles his alleged journey as Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of the original cryptocurrency.

The book’s description reads:

“Hard to believe, but bitcoin has been with us for a decade already. In that time, Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous author of the paper and creator of the bitcoin protocol, disappeared. In his absence, bitcoin underwent some drastic changes, resulting in hard forks in the code.”

“Now, Craig Wright steps forward to explain why he chose to use a pseudonym, why he left, and why he returned. He outlines the issues facing bitcoin, and his plans for the future.”

Basically, the book double downs on Craig Wright’s repeated claims that he is Satoshi.

However, a disclaimer for the book says “neither the publishers (Howson Books) nor the book’s authors or editors shall guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information published.”

This disclaimer was presumably added because there are numerous people in the crypto industry who deny that Wright is Satoshi.

Wright embroiled in $10 billion lawsuit with Kleiman estate

As HVY reported, Wright is currently embroiled in a $10 billion bitcoin lawsuit filed against him by the estate of deceased computer scientist Dave Kleiman.

The lawsuit began in February 2018, when the Kleiman estate sued Wright in federal court.

In their complaint, the estate accused Wright of stealing the intellectual property and the bitcoin stash that he and Kleiman had allegedly mined together before Kleiman died in 2013.

Wright and Kleiman began working on bitcoin back in 2008 — before anyone knew what it was. Together, they mined 1.1 million bitcoin, according to the lawsuit.

The estate claims that Wright faked signatures on legal documents to steal Kleiman’s share of the bitcoin stash and the intellectual property the two collaborated on before he died.

Dave Kleiman’s estate claims Craig Wright faked Kleiman’s signatures to take unlawful possession of his bitcoin stash and intellectual property. (lawsuit exhibit)

Wright has until Sept. 24 to challenge recent court ruling

On Aug. 27, Florida magistrate judge Bruce Reinhart ruled against Wright by knocking down a number of his key affirmative defenses.

In so doing, the judge concluded that Wright lied, committed perjury, and falsified documents to hide the stash.

Three days later, Wright filed a motion to challenge Judge Reinhart‘s ruling, CCN reported. Craig Wright has until Sept. 24 to file his challenge with the court.

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