Elizabeth Hurley Rocks Hot Bikini Body: Diet and Exercise Secrets

elizabeth hurley diet workout bikini
Actress Elizabeth Hurley credits an organic diet and regular exercise for her youthful bikini body at age 53. (Instagram)

British actress Elizabeth Hurley spotlighted her youthful bikini body on Instagram to the delight of her 1.2 million followers.

Hurley, who turns 54 in June, looks great even though she admits she hates to exercise and doesn’t follow a special diet.

Unlike other actresses or models, Liz doesn’t follow a structured workout regimen, but stays fit by being active throughout the day.

Elizabeth Hurley: ‘I Walk Every Day

“I walk every day with my dogs and try to run — even though I hate running,” Hurley told the Telegraph. “ I love Pilates and yoga but don’t do them regularly. I am extremely active, though, and don’t sit still for long.”

‘I Don’t Go to the Gym, But I’m Quite Active’

Hurley isn’t a proponent of trendy low-carb diets like other celebrities are, and instead relies on portion control to stay slim. Here’s what a typical daily menu looks like:

  • Breakfast: Greek yogurt, a banana, and some honey.
  • Lunch: Bowl of vegetable soup.
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken and assorted vegetables.

While many people think you need to do special exercises or follow grueling workout routines to stay in top bikini shape, Elizabeth Hurley is proof that just being active works.

“I don’t go to the gym, but I’m quite active,” Hurley told E! “It doesn’t matter really what size you are, but I think it’s important to stay sort of firm and to do a reasonable amount of walking and exercise.”

Liz’s Diet Tip: No Late-Night Binges

One thing Hurley doesn’t do is eat heavy meals late at night. Health experts say late-night binges can cause digestive problems and fuel weight gain, since the food you eat just sits in your stomach overnight. That’s not healthy.

“One of the best diet tips is you can have to eat your food earlier on in the day, so you’ve got more time to digest it and your body can rest in the sleep period,” Liz said. “I always used to snack late at night because I was a little bit hungry before I went to bed. I stopped doing that now.”

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Elizabeth Hurley says her No. 1 weight loss secret is to never overeat. She still enjoys her favorite foods and desserts, but in small portions.

“If my jeans feel tight I try to cut back a bit, and if I stay home in the evening I’ll eat a very light dinner,” said Hurley. “I put myself under extra pressure because I still model my own bikinis, but I do have little treats now and again.”

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