Shareholders Rip Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Is a Left-Wing Echo Chamber

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Facebook shareholders want Mark Zuckerberg out as chairman, saying he runs the company like a dictator. (screenshot)

Angry Facebook shareholders want Mark Zuckerberg out as chairman, saying he runs the social media monopoly like “a dictatorship.”

Among the complaints is that the left-wing Zuckerberg has repeatedly shown a virulent bias against conservatives and libertarians.

Shareholders: Mark Zuckerberg Opposes Diversity of Opinion

Investors slammed Zuckerberg for paying lip service to embracing “diversity” at Facebook, even though he opposes diversity of opinion.

“Facebook has faced repeated and well-publicized accusations of both conscious and unconscious bias against conservatives, libertarians and Republicans — subjecting the Company to the business risk of alienating of millions of its users,” shareholders alleged in an explosive April 12 SEC filing.

‘We Are a Political Mono-Culture That’s Intolerant’

Shareholders then noted that Zuckerberg and Facebook board members have admitted that the social network is a leftist echo chamber.

“In 2018, then-Facebook engineer Brian Amerige wrote: “We are a political mono-culture that’s intolerant of different views. We claim to welcome all perspectives, but are quick to attack — often in mobs — anyone who presents a view that appears to be in opposition to left-leaning ideology.”

“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg conceded in 2018 to a Senate Committee that ‘Facebook and the tech industry are located in Silicon Valley, which is an extremely left-leaning place.”

“Facebook board member Marc Andreessen stated in 2017, “Silicon Valley is extremely left-wing, extremely liberal.” 

Facebook Has Repeatedly Censored Conservative Websites

Anecdotally, almost all conservative news websites have had the experience of having their content suppressed, censored, or removed by Facebook without warning or explanation.

In March 2019, Facebook abruptly banned the popular right-leaning financial blog ZeroHedge. In a note, ZeroHedge said it was banned without notice or explanation.

A day later — amid public outcry and negative media attention — Facebook lifted the ban, claiming it was a “mistake.”

Countless conservative news websites have had similar experiences, where Facebook suddenly bans them without explanation, and then reverses course after being questioned.

It’s always the same: FB later claims it was “a mistake.” However, liberal websites never get banned or removed “by mistake.”

Investors: Zuckerberg Must Step Down as Chairman

Facebook shareholders have been trying to oust Mark Zuckerberg as chairman for years.

They claim the billionaire abuses his power and grossly mismanages the company, and that his greed and negligence directly led to the data-breach scandals that continue to plague the tech giant.

Zuckerberg has been Facebook’s chairman since 2012. He’s also its CEO and controlling shareholder.

Investors say this arrangement puts too much unchecked power in Zuckerberg’s hands and has turned Facebook into “a dictatorship.”

Accordingly, shareholders put forth a proposal last week to have him removed as chair.

Facebook’s board of directors — which Zuckerberg presides over — responded by summarily rejecting the proposal.

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