Jack Dorsey’s Strict Diet Fuels Eating-Disorder Rumors: Is He Manorexic?

jack dorsey eating disorder anorexia
Jack Dorsey's austere diet and fasting fueled speculation that he's suffering from an eating disorder. (screenshot)

Does Twitter billionaire Jack Dorsey have an eating disorder? That’s the scuttlebutt on social media after Dorsey admitted that he eats only one meal a day and sometimes fasts on the weekends.

Dorsey made the revelations on a podcast with fitness expert Ben Greenfield. The lanky Jack says he doesn’t eat all day, and has his only meal at night — between 6:30 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Jack Dorsey’s Only Daily Meal Is Low-Carb and Low-Calorie

Dorsey’s dinner is low-carb and low-calorie, usually consisting of chicken, fish or steak with low-starch vegetables like brussels sprouts or asparagus. (That sounds less than 500 calories.)

Dorsey admits that it was initially hard to eat only once a day, but he got used to it. Now he says he likes it because it frees him from thinking about what to eat for breakfast and lunch.

“During the day, I feel so much more focused,” Dorsey says.

jack dorsey eating disorder weight
Jack Dorsey, 42, has always been thin, but lately he has been looking emaciated and older than his age. (Twitter)

Dorsey Does Intermittent Fasting and Extended Water Fasts

Eating once a day resembles an eating program known as intermittent fasting. As HVY reported, intermittent fasting has been embraced due to its effectiveness at accelerating weight loss.

However, studies also show that intermittent fasting has other health benefits because it boosts human growth hormone, prevents disease, and protects brain health.

In addition to doing intermittent fasting during the week, Dorsey sometimes fasts on the weekend. Basically, he starves from Friday until Sunday night, consuming only water during that time.

“I’ll go from Friday until Sunday,” Jack says. “And the first time I’ll eat will be Sunday evening.”

Dorsey continued: “The first time I did it, like Day 3, I felt like I was hallucinating. It was a weird state to be in. But as I did it the next two times, it just became so apparent to me how much of our days are centered around meals and how — the experience I had was when I was fasting for much longer, how time really slowed down.”

Jack Dorsey Walks 5 Miles Every Day

On top of this, Dorsey walks five miles a day — rain or shine — from his home to his office. That trek usually takes him more than an hour.

In January 2019, Dorsey was slammed on Twitter for touting his fasting, with some suggesting that his spartan lifestyle was rooted in guilt over his excessive good fortune.

‘No Wonder This Guy Looks Like He’s Near Death’

This time, Twitter reacted to Jack’s strict diet by suggesting that he has a full-blown eating disorder. Here’s a sampling of reactions:

“It’s yet another grim example of a Silicon Valley guy who doesn’t realize he has an eating disorder.”

“It sounds like Jack Dorsey might have a serious eating disorder. Walking 5 miles a day while only consuming one meal per weekday and no meals on weekends is not a wellness hack…it’s a disease.”

“As someone who used to have an eating disorder, the framing that this is something we should aspire to is problematic, if not outright dangerous.”

“No wonder this guy looks like he’s near death. He has an eating disorder, and it’s a shame that he promotes it as a normal thing.”

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