Jeff Bezos Being Henpecked By Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez to Go Public

Billionaire Jeff Bezos is reportedly being pressured by his mistress-turned-girlfriend Lauren Sanchez into making a public debut as a couple. (screenshots)

Billionaire Jeff Bezos is reportedly being pressured by his mistress-turned-girlfriend Lauren Sanchez into making their first official public appearance as a couple now that his $35 billion divorce is behind him.

Source: Lauren Sanchez is obsessed with being famous

Sources told the New York Post that Sanchez — who also recently divorced to be with Bezos —  ­“is obsessed with the fact that she has become famous.”

The source added: “She is putting a lot of pressure on Bezos for them to be seen in public. She feels that she has sacrificed the last couple of months by being low-key with him. She wants to be by his side when he attends big events. He is not going to be able to go solo much longer.”

Jeff Bezos attended 2019 Met Gala alone

As HVY reported, Bezos attended the star-studded Met Gala by himself last week.

However, he partied with reality TV maven Kim Kardashian and her supermodel sister Kendall Jenner.

Later that evening, Bezos was photographed having dinner with Sanchez in downtown New York after the glamorous Met Gala ended.

Jeff Bezos partied with Kim Kardashian and her sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner at the 2019 Met Gala. (Source: OneRadio/Instagram)

Jeff Bezos paid out $35 billion in divorce

In April 2019, Jeff settled his divorce amicably with wife MacKenzie Bezos, with whom he has four children. The Bezos were married for 25 years.

Under the divorce settlement, MacKenzie took 25% of Jeff’s fortune, or roughly $35 billion, CCN reported.

Despite the massive settlement, Jeff Bezos — whose net worth tops $161 billion — is still the richest man in history.

Lauren doesn’t want to be seen as gold-digging mistress anymore

Jeff met former TV host Lauren Sanchez in 2016, when both were married to other people. At some point, they started having an affair, which eventually led to the dissolution of both their marriages.

Predictably, Sanchez no longer wants to be seen as the gold-digging secret “mistress,” and has been nagging Bezos to make their official public debut.

“They’re now free to live their lives together,” an insider said. “No one has control over them. They survived the insanity of the toxic forces around them who were trying to break them up.”

The couple is expected to make their public debut soon.

Check out Lauren Sanchez’s lost bikini photo shoot. This is obviously what turned Jeff’s head.

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