Tesla Billionaire Elon Musk Wants to ‘Occupy Mars and the Moon Too’

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Billionaire Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars (and the moon too). (screenshot)

Tesla billionaire Elon Musk is stepping up his ambitious plans to colonize Mars (and the “moon too”). Why? Because, he says, “anywhere can be paradise as long as you have the will to live.”

Musk made the revelations on an amusing tweetstorm, where he shared a photo of a planet with the exhortation, “Occupy Mars.”

Twitter follower corrects Elon Musk: ‘That’s the moon’

Three minutes later, a Twitter user goodnaturedly chided Musk. “That’s the moon,” she pointed out.

Am embarrassed Musk realized his gaffe and responded with laughing emojis 🤣🤣 and added “Moon too.”

Musk is accelerating development of spaceship to Mars

Like many billionaires, Elon Musk is fascinated by space travel. To this end, he even launched the rocket-exploration company, SpaceX, in 2002 to make space travel accessible to everyday people.

Musk’s goal is to colonize Mars in the near future. On Twitter, Musk revealed that he’s “accelerating Starship development to build the Martian Technocracy.”

Starship is a reusable, 180-foot-tall rocket that SpaceX designed to transport people to and from Mars, the moon, Mars and other destinations.

Musk previously said that Starship has a 60% chance of launching into orbit by 2020. That’s only months away.

Tesla billionaire Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars
Elon Musk says he’s accelerating his space-exploration plans. (Twitter)

Elon Musk is navigating huge problems at Tesla

While Musk is moving forward with space exploration, his other company, Tesla, has been roiled by a series of financial problems and missed deliveries.

This has caused many in the business community to wonder if Musk’s ambitious entrepreneurial ventures are suffering because his attention is split between too many projects.

After a disastrous few months where Tesla stock got hammered, it seems to be stabilizing a bit. As HVY reported, several Wall Street analysts believe that Tesla’s recent troubles are temporary a bump in the road on the way to bigger and better things.

“We maintain our bullish view on Tesla and see no reason to walk away from our price target of $500,” Berenberg Alexander Haissl wrote in a June 13 note to clients.

Haissl continued: “Demand worries are overblown, as the Q1 volume weakness was largely self-inflicted by logistic problems, uncertainty about store closures and changing pricing structure, and not indicative of the underlying demand situation.”

Analyst: Tesla stock will rebound

Despite Tesla’s disastrous first quarter, Haissl insists that the electric-car maker’s fundamentals are strong and that its current troubles don’t accurately reflect the underlying strength of its business.

Haissl says Wall Street’s bearish outlook on Tesla is overblown and “decoupled from reality.” Moreover, he claims that the pessimism toward TSLA discounts how much farther ahead Tesla is than its electric-car competitors.

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