Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Yanked Off TV Amid Ratings Collapse

victoria's secret fashion show canceled tv
The annual Victoria's Secret fashion show will no longer be televised. (screenshot)

The annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show will no longer be televised, according to the chairman of the lingerie retailer’s parent company, L Brands.

In an employee memo obtained by CNBC, Les Wexner — the chair and CEO of L Brands —  says it’s time to “re-think the traditional Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Going forward, we don’t believe network television is the right fit.”

Last year’s show got worst ratings in 20-year history

Wexner added that Victoria’s Secret is brainstorming new platforms to market its lingerie to adjust to a changing fashion industry.

Here’s the full memo sent by L Brands chief Les Wexner to employees:

victoria's secret fashion show tv

Get woke, go broke?

The annual runway show has been televised for the past 20 years, but ratings have tanked in recent years.

The last show — which aired in December 2018 (see video below) — posted the worst ratings in its history.

There are a number of reasons for this. One is that the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is no longer cutting-edge.

When it first debuted, the show sparked controversy because it spotlighted gorgeous women wearing racy outfits on television. But now, primetime TV features far racier content, so the novelty aspect is gone.

In addition, the runway show has become ridiculous and costume-y. And with the proliferation of free online porn, watching attractive women prance around in wacky outfits is dull and tame by comparison.

Leftists push for transgender and plus-size models

Finally, political correctness reared its ugly head and sapped all the fun out of what was supposed to be a frivolous fashion show.

Remember: People do not watch beauty pageants, sports, or lingerie shows to be lectured about political correctness. They watch that stuff to be entertained and get away from divisive issues like politics and “social justice.”

In recent years, Victoria’s Secret has come under fire from the leftist peanut gallery, which has been pressuring the retailer to promote plus-size models and “woke” beauty standards.

In November 2018, Victoria’s Secret faced heavy backlash from leftist critics who demanded that the fashion brand cast a transgender model for its runway show.

Victoria’s Secret crushed by market pressures

Then, there’s the fact that sales have been plummeting over the years. Why? Because Victoria’s Secret overcharges for its products — which are simply bras and panties. Consumers have increasingly become turned off at paying exorbitant prices for things they wear UNDER their clothes.

As a result, many Victoria’s Secret stores have closed, and it has lost market share to competitors who offer a wider range of bras and panties at cheaper prices.

victoria secret bra
What makes this plain bra worth $45?

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