My story


During my time as a person

I have had a good deal of suffering

Though I am grateful for the life I have now

I wish to tell my tale so others may learn of my fate

Born on a cold winters day lies a girl in the NICU

Where she fights to stay afloat just to live one more day

Alarms go off once more and doctors come running

Her father collapses outside as they work to revive his favorite child

The alarms have stopped and the girl is stable for now doctors say

For how long though no one knows as the family returns to the child’s side

The girl sleeps for now as the angels keep watch for He tells her:

“Though you may be suffering, your time on this world is far from over. Stay and use your power as an 

Empath that I grant to you now and forevermore til we meet again.”

So that is what the girl did as she grew up and matured to adulthood

Now, at the prime age of 24, she uses her gift and power of Empath wisely

Just as He had planned for her.