Hall of Shame: McDonald’s


In September of 2019, McDonald’s held a promotion with Uber Eats. If you ordered food, a ten-dollar minimum using Uber, you would receive free McDonald’s themed clothing items. It seemed like a great promotion: food and loose clothes. The problem is most people who ordered didn’t receive a thing.

“My wife and I thought why not,” said McKinley, who lives in New York City. “We collect iconic items and felt this would fill a space in our collection that we didn’t know existed.”

“I ordered dinner for the family, and we were ready and waiting for our delivery and the items we were to be given,” says Sherry in Tampa Bay, Florida.

McKinley and Sherry were just some of the many customers who were disappointed at not receiving anything from the McDonald’s McDelivery Night In with Uber Eats.

“We ordered from a qualifying restaurant, but never got any swag,” said Eric Perez.

“I was so upset,” said Rose, also in New York City. “My order came over ten-dollars, the free items were listed on the receipt, but nothing was in the bag. Nothing.”

“I feel scammed,” says Bernie in Los Angeles. “I even called the restaurant, and they had no idea what I was talking about.”

Many reached out to McDonald’s customer services only to be left empty-handed.

“Here we sit, months later, and I was duped,” says Stacy Lu of Austin, Texas. “They app said that there was swag at every store we tried to order from. It was confirmed on our receipt. Reached McDonald’s through Twitter and they told us that we would receive something in the mail. It’s now December, and we have nothing but empty promises.”

I know exactly how each person who reached out to me feels. My wife and I ordered from McDonald’s and didn’t find anything from the clothing line in our bag. I did phone the local McDonald’s, and as others have said, they had no idea what I was even talking about.

When a corporation as large as McDonald’s comes up with a promotion like this, one would think they would anticipate the demand. Remember the Starbucks coffee cup debacle back in 2018? Starbucks said they would give a free reusable red holiday cup to customers. When customers arrived, there were no cups the most locations.

McDonald’s McDelivery promotion echoed Starbucks failure. Even though many people ordered, me included, and the receipts showed the items that were to be given with the purchase, nothing was received.

Then, when customers reached out to McDonald’s, and customer services said they would send out the swag – see my screenshot – in most cases, nothing was forthcoming.

I did attempt to reach out to McDonald’s for a comment. The media representative has chosen not to respond to any of my emails or phone calls. I did finally hear from someone on the local level, who indicated that McDonald’s only sent swag to two restaurants in my hometown. I can only assume the same is true for most of the country.

The lesson here, if it sounds too good to be true, even if it’s coming from a company as large as McDonalds’s, you may want just to give it a pass.

Shame on you McDonald’s for running a promotion, then promising to make it right only to leave people out in the cold. You truly belong in the Hall of Same for this one.