Created by Aaron Martin, the science fiction space adventure ‘Another Life’ hit Netflix Thursday, 25 July 2019. Because an alien ship lands on Earth, Niko Breckinridge (‘Battlestar Galactica’ alumni Katee Sackhoff) boldly goes in search of answers to a galaxy not all that far away.

Series Synopsis…

The series revolves around a mission to investigate the origins of an unusual alien spacecraft which has landed on Earth. When the craft lands, a crystal-like tower structure quickly envelopes the ship. Because little is known of either the ship or the species which set it to Earth, Breckinridge is tasked by General Blair Dubois to take command of the Salvare.

As the crew search for the alien intelligence which sent the vessel to Earth, with significant resentment from the former commanding officer, the crew finds itself facing numerous obstacles to completing its mission.

Series Cast…

Further to Sackhoff, the main cast includes Samuel Anderson, Blu Hunt, A.J. Rivera, Jake Abel, Alex Ozerov, Alexander Eling, JayR Tinaco, Lina Renna, and Selma Blair as William, August, Bernie Martinez, Sasha Harrison, Oliver Sokolov, Javier Almanzar, Zayn Petrossian, Jana Breckinridge-Wallace, and Harper Glass, respectively. Respectively playing the recurring roles Ian Yerxa, Cas Isakovic, Michelle Vargas, General Blair Dubois, and Beauchamp McCarry are Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Faith Ludlow, Jessica Camacho, Barbara Williams and Greg Hovanessian.

Another Life
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From the Beginning…

The opening scenes focus on social media influencer and icon Harper Glass (Selma Blair, Lost in Space). She is working on the latest video for her followers when production is halted by the appearance of a large infinity shaped spaceship floating overhead. The spaceship does not as much crash land as it is deliberately slammed into the ground. The distinction becomes readily apparent when a crystal-like tower structure grows from the ship and completely envelopes it. All structures require a firm foundation. Consequently, slamming the ship into the ground gave the tower the foundation it needed to remain standing.

The scene quickly transitions to Breckinridge telling Erik Wallace (Justin ChatwinDoctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio) and their daughter Jana (Lina Renna, A Mother on the Edge) that she’s been tasked with taking command of the Salvare. Consequently, she will be leading a mission into deep space. Because Breckinridge has a reputation for endangering the lives of her crew members, with her taking Ian Yerxa’s (Tyler Hoechlin, Supergirl) place as commanding officer, many of the Salvare’s crew members are not enthusiastic serving under her command. Resentment quickly goes from mutiny to attempted murder in short order.

Another Life
Screen Capture: JayR Tinaco and A.J. Rivera as Zayn Petrossian and Bernie Martinez, respectively, in the Aaron Martin created Netflix original series ‘Another Life.’

Final Thoughts…

In addition to Breckinridge, two of the more interesting characters are William (Samuel Anderson, Doctor Who) and Bernie Martinez (A.J. Rivera, Grandfathered). William is a holographic interface of a sentient A.I. which Breckinridge relies on considerably. If you are looking for a frame of reference, think Rimmer from ‘Red Dwarf,’ but with significantly more confidence and self-awareness.

Screen Capture: A.J. Rivera and Ravi Patel as Victor and Ravi, respectively, in the Daniel Chun created situation comedy ‘Grandfathered.’

Bernie is the ship’s microbiologist and part-time chef. Bernie, fitting the stereotype for being a chef, is a character which would benefit significantly from being fleshed-out. Hopefully, this will occur during the second season.

Rivera, with him having to wear a chef coat for an episode of ‘Grandfathered,’ is no stranger to playing chefs. The only difference is that this on is on a space craft.

With a little development, Bernie and the other characters could see significant depth added to their personas. Considering it typically takes several episodes to accomplish this task, with the nature of Netflix productions being what it is, character development is that much harder.

If you have any interest in seeing whether the crew members can look beyond personal issues, watch the series.

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