The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two: Lynn’s Addiction, the latest Black Lightning episode, carries one the most misleading titles of the entire series. Instead of focusing on Dr Lynn Stewart’s (Christine Adams) addiction to Green Light, with only a few episodes addressing her malady, the episode felt like a filler. With there only being another two instalments remaining in the current season, it’s surprising showrunners wouldn’t provide us with a more substantive episode.

Jefferson Pierce / Black Lightning (Cress Williams), after he learns from Jennifer Pierce / Lightning (China Anne McClain) that Agent Percy Odell (Bill Duke) had been sending her out on missions to kill the Markovians, he realises it’s time to take down Odell and end the ASA occupation.

Did we, speaking of Odell, previously know his hometown is Gotham? With this being a reference to Batwoman, if Odell makes it out of Freeland alive, we might see the Gothamite in the other mentioned Arrowverse series.

Leaving Jennifer out of the loop, Black Lightning, Anissa Pierce / Blackbird (Nafessa Williams), and Peter Gambi’s (James Remar) undertake an operation to capture Odell. Gambi tricks Odell into giving them enough material to work with so that they can make a believable voice print and an artificial construct of the agent ordering all ASA agents to leave Freeland.

Jennifer, on discovering what’s happened, is annoyed with her father, her sister, and Gambi. Jefferson and Anissa have repeatedly talked about how they only want to protect Jennifer. Based on Jennifer’s tone, especially during a conversation that plays out in Gambi’s secret lair, she seems to feel more smothered than protected. This can be seen in the way Jefferson speaks to Brandon (Jahking Guillory) regarding being too friendly with Jennifer.

Both Jefferson and Jennifer, with a ‘my way or the highway’ attitudes, are more alike than each of them would like to admit. Similarly, the same can be said of both Lynn and Anissa. None of the Pierce family members likes to play second fiddle to anyone. Each of them has their own opinions on how things should be done.

Major Sara Grey (Katy M. O’Brian) leads an operation to rescue Odell from the Pierces. She tasks ASA super-soldier Khalil Payne / Painkiller (Jordan Calloway) to takes out the entire Pierce family. Jennifer’s feelings for Khalil. The anger Jennifer has towards her father and sister is readily apparent.

Black Lightning
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Baron / TC (Christopher Ammanuel), using his abilities, discovers Khalil still loves Jennifer. If the Pierces were able to disable the chip that’s controlling Khalil, with him loving Jennifer the way he does, the resistance could find itself on the winning side of the struggle. Consequently, theoretically, they could succeed in overthrowing the ASA.

The previous episode saw TC uncover the identity of the individual that wanted Gambi dead. During this episode, TC shows Gambi the evidence he found. The bitcoin trailer took him to Lady Eve (Jill Scott). Unbeknownst to Gambi, even though he thinks she’s dead, Lady Eve is alive and is operating a brothel.

Lala (William Catlett), not to be confused with the Teletubby of the same name, sent Devonte Jones (Rafael Castillo) to the brothel to scout out the place before confronting Lad Eve himself. Lala didn’t like how Lady Eve had been operating her business without cutting him in on the action. It’s now his intent to take over the brothel wholesale. Should Lady Eve call Lala’s bluff or should she fold? The tone Lala takes with Lady Eve suggests he isn’t bluffing.

Each time we’ve seen Sergeant Gardner Grayle (Boone Platt), whilst he works for the ASA, the evidence shows him becoming increasingly disillusioned about the agency’s role in Freeland. In previous episodes, even though he doesn’t push his concerns too far, we have seen Gardner question Grey’s orders. This latest episode solidifies that evidence and makes it more tangible.

After being contacted by Lynn, showing up at her lab with the bag she dropped when escaping The Pit, Gardner assists her with extracting Tobias Whale (Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III) from the ASA facility. Whilst Lynn temporarily gives Whale invisibility, as a precaution against him attacking her, she gives herself abilities. Reading Whale correctly, not that she has ever not understood the man he is, Lynn’s powers came in useful. She knocks him out when he attacks.

Gardner arrives at their location and assists Lynn with getting Whale into the van. Unfortunately, as they place Whale in the van, we see sparks and both Gardner and Lynn are rendered unconscious by a Markovian operative. The episode ends with the operative having communicated to his base for them to teleport them there. Is that two or three to beam up?