Blindspot: Episode ‘Ohana Review

Screen capture: Bill Nye as himself
Screen capture: Bill Nye as himself in the Martin Gero created “Blindspot.”

“Blindspot,” an exceptional action crime drama, is one of the best television series currently in production. With an exemplary cast inclusive of Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton, Rob Brown, Audrey Esparza, Ashley Johnson and Ennis Esmer, the team dynamic is engaging.

 promotional poster
“Blindspot” promotional poster. Image Credit: IMDb.

Televised Friday, 12 April 2019, the latest episode of the Martin Gero created “Blindspot” is full to the brim with humour, drama and more than a tad intriguing. “‘Ohana” is a seriously good killer bee episode that makes similarly themed big screen films look like a student made productions.

All Work and No Play Makes Tasha …

Tasha Zapata (Esparza), even if it means working herself into the ground, has always been committed to what she believes is right. During the pre-opening credits teaser, Edgar Reade (Brown) finds Tasha asleep in the FBI conference room. Having worked all night, Tasha is doing her best to track down Dominic. Because of her apparent guilt, it is evident Tasha feels responsible for Dominic still being at large.

Screen capture: Rob Brown and Audrey Esparza as Edgar Reade and Tasha Zapata, respectively.

Even though Tasha has a team she can rely on to have her back, her tendency to take the weight of the world on her shoulders is typical of a lone ranger personality. So, despite Edgar correctly recognising Tasha does not need a key to gain access to his apartment, the Assistant Director of the FBI’S New York Office hands her the key and tells her to get some rest. Since Tasha gave up her home when she left the team, Edgar’s kindness is a gesture of goodwill.

Seemingly Unconnected Deaths

There are 26 apparent unconnected cases of TTX poisoning. The Rich Dotcom (Esmer) and Patterson (Johnson) dynamic forensic science duo are on the case. With a reservoir of knowledge, it’s not surprising Rich pretty much knows everything there is to know about TTX.

Screen capture
Screen capture: Ennis Esmer, Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, Rob Brown and Ashley Johnson as Rich Dotcom, Kurt Weller, Jane Doe, Edgar Reade and Patterson, respectively.

How did so many people come into contact with TTX? “TTX is a rare but deadly marine bacteria,” Rich said, “it is found in the guts of the absolutely scrumptious Fugu Pufferfish. Which, if you’ve never had it, it’s like Russian Roulette on a plate. It’s a wild ride. Also, there’s no cure.”

Patterson learns the one thing all 26 victims had in common is that they all consumed cantaloupe which originated at the Quaker Hill Research Facility. Consequently, since TTX does not naturally occur in cantaloupe, someone is purposefully poisoning food supplies.

Screen capture
Screen capture: Bill Nye as himself

With the location in hand, the team rolls out. Upon arrival, with guns drawn, the team find, of all people, Patterson’s father. Patterson’s father is none other than Bill Nye “the Science Guy.”

With numerous bee puns being tossed around by various characters, bees have been weaponised with one of the deadliest bacteria known.

Geekiness Amplified

Rich’s references to “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Candyman,” “Batman” and “Catwoman” did not go completely unnoticed. Esmer plays one of the sexiest pop-culture nerds to ever assist the FBI to solve cases. There is also a reference to “Star Wars” but not from the FBI’s resident pop-culture geek.

Despite it being clear Rich was referencing a tattoo when he said, “Bad news. Jane has a deadly poison called Tetrodotoxin (TTX) on her body,” his contextual meaning was lost on Jane because she was not focused on the entirety of what was expressed.

Rich said he “said on her body. Why would that be grammatically confusing for anybody?” Rich expecting people to pay attention to his actual words and their respective meanings is charming but a tad naïve. Even in real life, people have selective hearing.

The “’wear brown pants’ level of terrifying” line Rich uses to reference the deadliness of TTX is possibly a reference to the 2016 Tim Miller-directed action adventure comedy “Deadpool.”

Screen capture
Screen capture: Bill Nye as himself. Here, Bill is explaining CRISPR.

Kurt Weller’s (Stapleton) inner child-like enthusiasm for science rises to the surface when the team watches Bill’s video on CRISPR. Speaking of Bill, Kurt said, “He makes science fun.” The FBI agent’s reaction to the “genetic modification” video is all the evidence we need Kurt has a soft spot for well-crafted scientifically informative educational material.

Father Daughter Dynamic

The return of Bill Nye “the Science Guy” to the series as Patterson’s father is seriously awesome. As Patterson correctly observes, the Science Guy is “the nicest guy in the world.” This observation should not come as any huge surprise to anyone that watches Bill’s shows because he is basically playing himself.

Patterson is absolutely jealous of Bill’s assistant, Ginny Kelling (Colby Minifie). This jealousy only increases when the head of the FBI Forensic Science Unit learns her parents had Ginny over to dinner for her birthday. Paterson’s mother apparently made lasagne for Ginny just the way the forensic scientist likes it.

Screen capture
Screen capture: Bill Nye and Ashley Johnson as himself and Patterson, respectively.

Because of their readily apparent chemistry, Bill is under the mistaken impression Rich is his daughter’s boyfriend. Considering how Rich and Patterson can be seen frequently bickering about how something should be done, they are already behaving like a married couple.

Unexpected Guests

In the closing scene of the episode, Rich shows up at the Weller residence bearing gifts, a sketch of a potential suspect in the season’s on-going story arc. The moment Jane Doe (Alexander) says “There’s not much Shepard can do to surprise me anymore,” Kurt pulls the sketch from the envelope. It’s Kurt’s mother.

Screen capture
Screen capture: A sketch of Kurt Weller’s mother.

With Kurt having not mentioned his mother in a long time, many people were under the impression she was dead. The sketch indicates she is still alive and living somewhere in these United States. Kurt’s mother is “Sandstorm” informant.