What’s happening with ‘The Brokenwood Mysteries’?


What’s happening with ‘The Brokenwood Mysteries’? That’s the question ‘The Brokenwood Mysteries’ fans are seeking an answer to. The New Zealand detective drama, produced by Sally Campbell, is one of the country’s most popular exports.

In December 2018, NZ On Air has confirmed funding for a sixth series of ‘The Brokenwood Mysteries.’ We currently do not have a solid date for the sixth series premiere. Despite this, on Saturday, 13 July 2019, confirmation of filming on the second episode came from Fern Sutherland confirmed via Twitter. Sutherland plays DI Kristin Sims.

The last time we got to visit Brokenwood was Sunday, 18 Nov. 2018.  During the series finale, the Mark Beesley directed ‘The Dark Angel,’ the detectives were tasked with investigating the death of an elderly man discovered by teenagers at the town’s abandoned asylum. Situated on the edge of Brokenwood, Brokenwood Downes, now derelict, is the perfect hideaway for local teenagers hang out and chill without adults getting in their way.

In the Beginning…

The detective drama, beginning in 2014 with the Mike Smith directed episode ‘Blood & Water,’ took Neill Rea’s Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd from Auckland to Brokenwood to investigate a local police officer. After successfully completing the investigation, instead of returning to Auckland, Shepherd decided to stay on in Brokenwood indefinitely. Remaining in Brokenwood meant a demotion from DI to Detective Senior Sergeant, but that did not stop Shepherd from staying. Evidently, because he is still there five years later, small-town New Zealand fits the big city detective inspector like a glove.

When Shepherd first arrived in Brokenwood, Sims did not initially take to his style of policing. Despite Shepherd not being on board with technological advances, DSS is very good at doing his job. This is something Sims cannot deny.

Brokenwood is a seemingly quiet country town. One would think, with Sims having lived there longer than Shepherd, she might have a closer tie to the community. Sims has less affinity with the town than Shepherd.

The Brokenwood Mysteries
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In addition to Rea and Sutherland, the series also stars Nic Sampson, Cristina Serban Ionda, Pana Hema Taylor, Colin Moy and Rawiri Jobe as Detective Constable Sam Breen, Dr Gina Kadinsky, Jared Morehu and Kahu Taylor, respectively.

What are your thoughts pertaining to the first five series? Have the characters grown since we first met them five years ago? Which direction would you like the next series to go in? Please comment.