‘Chicago Med’: S05.E05. “Got a Friend in Me” Sneak Peek


In a sneak peek of the next Chicago Med episode, Got a Friend in Me, we find Dr Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) arriving late for her scheduled shift. Natalie’s tardiness doesn’t go unnoticed by either Dr James Lanik (Nate Santana) or Dr Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss).

Seconds after Natalie arrives in the ED (Emergency Department), Will decides to speak with Natalie. When Natalie sees Will enter the room, she apologies for being late.

Will is always concerned for Natalie’s wellbeing, but she doesn’t appreciate fully his kindness. Since her previous shift, Natalie apparently got a full eight hours sleep, she ate breakfast, she doesn’t have a headache, and she feels great.

There is a toddler in Treatment #6 with a bloody nose. As Natalie reads the information on the tablet Will handed to her, she seems to wonder why it is he’s giving it to her to cover when a med student would be better suited for the task. Because it apparently has “med student written all over it,” Natalie tells Will she’ll do the intake and pass it off to Terry McNeal (Colby Lewis).

Even though Natalia has paediatric charts to follow up on from the night shift, Lanik wants her to treat the child in Treatment #6. Consequently, because of what Lanik wants of Natalie, Will says that he’ll take care of the charts for Natalie.

Will understands Natalie was late because traffic sucked. When assigning Natalie to Treatment #6, it was apparently not his call. Will tries to make this clear to Natalie but she doesn’t seem to believe him. The annoyance in Natalie’s facial expression is readily apparent. It’s nothing personal. Will is only following Lanik’s directions, or at least, that’s what he wants Natalie to think.

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med is televised on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. EST/PST on NBC.

Chicago Med, the second spin-off series to Chicago Fire, stars Nick GehlfussYaya DaCostaTorrey DeVittoBrian TeeS. Epatha MerkersonMarlyne BarrettOliver Platt, and Dominic Rains as Dr Will Halstead, Nurse April Sexton, Dr Natalie Manning, Dr Ethan Choi, Chief of Patient and Medical Services Sharon Goodwin, Nurse Maggie Lockwood, Dr Daniel Charles, and Dr Crockett Marcel, respectively.