Coming Soon: “Big Boys Don’t Cry”


Adapted from a true-life story, Paul Connolly is forced to recall his harrowing childhood at St. Leonard’s Children’s Home, when a police investigation opens old wounds and reveals that lifelong friend, Liam, has committed suicide. As his life implodes, Paul’s fragile thoughts and splintered memories soon focus on retribution.

The coming Steve Crowhurst directed Big Boys Don’t Cry is an expansion to the 2019 released 15-minute short of the same title. The trailer for the Crowhurst written and directed short is enlightening in numerous ways. Evidence of abuse, both verbal and physical, is readily apparent.

Adapted by Crowhurst, with additional material written by Kal BonnerBig Boys Don’t Cry stars Michael SochaZoë TapperPoppy RoeDaniel AdegboyegaRocci WilliamsVictoria Alcock, and Joshua Coombes as Paul, Anthea, DCI Clements, Vince, Lee, DCI Mayer, and Liam Carroll, respectively. Paul Connolly is listed in the cast credits as playing himself.

Michael Socha, best known in these United States for playing Will Scarlet in Once Upon a Time and Knave of Hearts / Will Scarlet in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, has been working in film and television since at least 2006.

Beginning with the 2010 miniseries This Is England ’86, the actor did an exceptional job playing Harvey. Socha went on to reprise the role for a further two miniseries. Considering how powerful these productions are, it’s possible casting was influenced by how the actor personified his character so completely. With Socha having also worked on other productions, this is speculation on my part.

In many ways, what we see here is reminiscent of the Barry Levinson written and directed 1996 film Sleepers. Whilst Sleepers revealed abuses perpetrated by guards at a juvenile detention centre in upstate New York, in Big Boys Don’t Cry, the focus in on what occurred at a British children’s home. Retribution plays a significant role in these productions.

Given how the story is presented in the short film, there is no reason to believe the feature film will not be equally as captivating. With a significantly high degree of emotional realism, the lead characters in the short successfully pulls viewers into the narrative.

Whilst Jamie Wannell originally played Liam Carroll in the short film, the actor is seen in the coming production in a different role. Robert Donald, seen in the short as Alan Prescott, also takes on a different role in the coming Big Boys Don’t Cry.

Amy Harwood also appears in both productions. Based on what has been made available on the IMDb page for Big Boys Don’t Cry, very few individuals from the original cast are associated with the new film.

There is currently no release date published for Crowhurst’s film.