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Stephen Gallacher’s Nothing Man, an exceptional thriller, is a production many noir film aficionados will appreciate. With a screenplay co-written by Gallacher, Jonathan Ashdown, and Paul ButlerNothing Man breathes new life into the genre. Not surprisingly, Gallacher picked up the No Budget Spirit Award for Nothing Man at the 2017 Top Indie Film Awards.

Even though Gallacher was previously seen occupying the directorial chair for the shorts Big Al, Vending, The Late Shift, Siblings, and Beaten, this is his first feature length production. In various capacities, he previously worked on such well-known television productions as Downton Abbey, Law & Order: UK, and Mr Selfridge. Consequently, because of this experience, we can see why it is he would seek to direct a feature film.

Determined to uncover the truth about his best friend’s mysterious death, the film revolves around homeless amnesiac Noam (Daniel Hall) and his journey towards discovering what happened.

Lana (Jennifer Jordan), and Harry (Tony Goodall), an unapologetically fearless fem fatal and Noam’s most trusted confidant, respectively, delve deeply into the secrets to his past. Stopping at nothing to find the truth, as they did ever deeper, the more disturbingly chilling Noam’s world becomes!

Is there anyone, inclusive of himself, Noah can unreservedly trust?

Nothing Man
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With how Hall approaches his character, it speaks volumes to his ability to take on a role and fully immerse himself in his characterisation. People familiar with Hall’s work will recall him playing Doctor Bramwell in the 2012 short Frostbite: Proof of Concept Film.

In addition to Hall, Jordan, and Goodall, Nothing Man stars Ric VincePaul Mayo MasonChristopher TauersArron Dennis, and Joe Buckton. The film also features Helen DowsonJack HobbsRichard KershawJamie McKellerGraham Smith, and Pam Vince.

Nothing Man, distributed in these United States by Highoctane Pictures, is scheduled for release on DVD and Digital Tuesday, 14 January 2020.