Doctor Sleep: Are You Ready for ‘The Shining’ sequel?

Doctor Sleep Promotional Poster. Image Credit:
Doctor Sleep Promotional Poster. Image Credit:

What do you know of Doctor Sleep? What will Danny Torrance be like as an adult? Will the adult Danny be anything like his late father Jack? Which direction does the second film take the story? When it comes to Stephen King’s work, anything is possible.

Scheduled to hit movie theater screens in these United States on Friday, 8 Nov. 2019, the Mike Flanagan directed Doctor Sleep is set years after events depicted in The Shining. Both films, the 1980 Stanley Kubrick directed The Shining and the coming Flanagan sequel, are based on novels penned by famed horror author Stephen King.

With there being more adaptations of The Shining, there has been little to no focus on Doctor Sleep. The story seen in Doctor Sleep completes the narrative began in The Shining. Despite this, even though there are horror aficionados that would like to see what happens with Danny, many moviegoers consider the 1980 film a standalone classic. None of The Shining remakes reach the standard of the original. It is the only film worthy of King’s work.

Doctor Sleep Promotional Poster. Image Credit:
Doctor Sleep Promotional Poster. Image Credit:

The adult Danny is played by Ewan McGregor. Danny, with significant psychic powers, is ‘the shining.’ He is, therefore, the title character of King’s 1977 novel and subsequently the 1980 film. Wendy Torrance, previously played by Shelley Duvall, is personified in Doctor Sleep by Alex Essoe. Further to Danny and his mother, another significant character from The Shining is Dick Hallorann. Hallorann, originally played by Scatman Crothers in Kubrick’s film, was the cook at the Overlook Hotel. Prior to Danny, Hallorann was ‘the shining.’ In Doctor Sleep, the character is played by Carl Lumbly.

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Taking on the role of a young Danny is Roger Dale Floyd. The character, in The Shining, was personified by Danny Lloyd. Floyd, possibly better known for playing the Child Perseus in the 2016 Helena Blackstone directed Kronos, is relatively new to the entertainment industry. The young actor’s first credited role came in 2016 with the Roger Floyd directed horror fantasy drama The Painter. Written, directed and starring his father in the title role, Floyd plays August.

The Flanagan film also features Rebecca Ferguson, Kyliegh Curran, Bruce Greenwood, Zahn McClarnon and Emily Alyn Lind.

Ferguson’s character, Rose the Hat, is the leader of the cult True Knot. McClarnon’s Crow Daddy, the hat’s right-hand man, and Lind’s Snakebite Andi are both members of the True Knot. Children possessing psychic powers are at significant risk from this cult as it feeds on them.

Danny possesses ‘the shining,’ but he is not the only one. Abra Stone, a young girl, is also has the gift. In 2001, not long after her birth, Abra begins to manifest psychic powers. In an unintentional twist, Abra begins to develop a telepathic bond with Danny.

Playing Abra Stone is Kyliegh Curran. Curran was first seen in 2017 playing Lily in the Nadine Truong written and directed I Can I Will I Did. Dr John Dalton, played by Greenwood, is the Stone family’s doctor.

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What Happened to the Prequel?

The Shining prequel, The Overlook Hotel, has been in development for several years. It has been at least five years since we last heard any news pertaining to The Shining prequel. Once the sequel hits movie theater screens, Friday, 8 Nov., there are hopes the prequel production will finally make it out of development hell and find its way into production. We can but hope. Consequently, only time will tell if we get to see this prequel chapter come to life.