Film Review: “Backdraft 2”

Screen Capture
Screen Capture: Joe Anderson as fire investigation Sean McCaffrey in the 2019 Gonzalo López-Gallego directed action crime drama “Backdraft 2.”

Have you seen “Backdraft 2”? Released 27-years after the first film, the 1991 Ron Howard directed action crime drama “Backdraft,” this Gonzalo López-Gallego directed “Backdraft 2” follows an investigator with the Chicago Fire Department.

"Backdraft 2" DVD cover. Image Credit: IMDb
“Backdraft 2” DVD cover. Image Credit: IMDb

What is the sequel about?

With Baldwin and Sutherland rerising their roles from the first instalment, “Backdraft 2” stars Joe Anderson, Alastair Mackenzie, Mark Arnold, Patrick Walshe McBride and Alisha Bailey respectively as Sean McCaffrey, Captain White, Fire Chief Soto, Dylan and Maggie Rening.

Fire investigator Sean McCaffrey (Anderson) is every bit his father’s son. Working in the same Chicago firehouse as his now late father. Sean’s Uncle Brian (Baldwin) is a lifer. After almost three decades, Brain still works there.

The young McCaffrey and his new partner, Rening, are having issues forming a picture of the fire there are investigating. Something bigger than either of them realise is playing out behind the scenes. With assistance from infamous jailed arsonist Bartel (Sutherland), the investigators must stop whatever devious plan has been set in motion.

Do you remember the first film?

Do you remember the Howard directed film? With a screenplay written by Gregory Widen, this early 1990s film stars Kurt RussellWilliam BaldwinRobert De Niro, Donald Sutherland and Scott Glenn as Stephen “Bull” McCaffrey / Dennis McCaffrey (twins), Brian McCaffrey, Donald Rimgale, Ronald Bartel and John Adcox, respectively.

How does “Backdraft 2” hold up to the first film?

Is the second film as gripping or as exciting as the one Howard brought to the big screen? With periods of tense drama, “Backdraft 2” delivers a seriously powerful punch. McCaffrey did not know his father died trying to save his bestfriend. For decades, the young McCaffrey blames Uncle Brian for his father’s death. It was really Adcox’s (Glenn) fault. In this first film, Adcox was the arsonist.

“Backdraft 2” has more in common with the first film than Baldwin and Sutherland. One of the producers on this second film, Raffaella De Laurentiis, also worked with Howard on his production. Further, writer and former firefighter Gregory Widen also worked in both productions.

Even though it would have been nice to have seen either Russell and or De Niro reprise their roles from “Backdraft,” Baldwin and Sutherland did a good job getting back into character.

Is there a trailer?

Unrelated Coincidence

In a coincidental side note to the “Backdraft” and “Backdraft 2” directors, both Howard and Lopez-Gallego were directorially responsible for Apollo focused films.