Film Review: “Smuggling Hendrix”

“Smuggling Hendrix” promotional poster. Image Credit: IMDb
“Smuggling Hendrix” promotional poster. Image Credit: IMDb

Premiered in Hungary on 9 August 2018, “Smuggling Hendrix” was a production presented at that year’s Tribeca Film Festival and St. Augustine Film Festival.

“Smuggling Hendrix” promotional poster. Image Credit: IMDb

What is the film about?

Trapped between the mob and the border patrol, struggling musician Yiannis (Adam Bousdoukos) must place his plans of leaving Cyprus on hold when his dog, Jimi, absconds across the wall to the island’s Turkish side.

Who stars in the production?

“Smuggling Hendrix” stars Adam Bousdoukos, Fatih Al, Vicky Papadopoulou, Özgür Karadeniz, Giannis Kokkinos, Valentinos Kokkinos, Georgia Constantinou, Toni Dimitriou and Marios Stylianou. Despite the presence of all these humans, the real star of the film is the adorably cute Jimi.

Is there a film trailer?

Film production

“Smuggling Hendrix” is the directorial debut of screenwriter director Marios Piperides. “Smuggling Hendrix” is the first dramedy I have seen where the characters speak either Greek, Turkish and or English. The inclusion of radio reports telling of attempts to broker a lasting piece between Greece and Turkey is a nice touch. As as result, there is a dramatic layer to the production that helps set the scene.

Final Thoughts

Would you go to such lengths to rescue your dog? Smuggling Hendrix is a good-natured romp that gradually draws moviegoers into the musician’s dilemma. Cyprus, with its inflexible divisions, is the backdrop for Piperides’ dramedy. Yiannis’ shabby appearance makes one wonder what his home looks like. Because we want to see the dog return safely, our sympathy stays with him throughout the film. All Yiannis wants to do is take his beloved dog home.

The humour, more suited to a British audience than an American one, is dry. Punctuated with numerous wryly delivered non-sequiturs and various casual one-liners, the film requires audience members to think about what it is they are watching.