Good Witch Maintains a Charming Appeal


Co-created by Craig Pryce and Sue Tenney, the Hallmark television series Good Witch remains every bit as charming as the television movie series it is based on. Beginning on Sunday, 9 June 2019 with the fifth season premiere The Forever Tree, Part 1 and concluding the next day with The Forever Tree, Pt. 2, fans of the series finally saw the title character married to the good doctor.

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Fans knowledgeable of the series will remember, set after the death of Cassie Nightingale’s (Catherine Bell) husband, the 2015 Craig Pryce directed feature length series premiere episode Starting Over… Again sees the title character and her family are caring for her ailing father-in-law. Dr Sam Radford (James Denton) and Nick Radford (Rhys Matthew Bond) moved to Middleton from the hustle and bustle of New York. The New Yorkers became neighbours to the Nightingale family.

Even though the town’s new doctor was having difficulties getting patients, the same could not be said for the proprietor of Bell, Book & Candle, for the town’s people flock to Cassie’s store for her earthly herbal remedies. Four years later, we find the New York transplant and the Good Witch happily married and living together in the Grey House.

Is There a Trailer?

Is There Deception in the Wind?

The latest episode of the series is a princely tale, that much is undeniable. While the title of the episode pertains to Henry (Wade Bogert O’Brien), a prince, there is something off about the episode and it has absolutely nothing to do with the royal visitor.

When Grace Russell (Bailee Madison) begins an internship at City Hall, she finds herself immediately competing Luke (Dale Whibley) for Mayor Abigail Pershing’s (Sarah Power) attention. When the mayor discovers a Davenport plans to tear down Wishing Well Park and redevelop the area into a country club, Pershing benefits greatly from her competitive interns.

While Luke is on the ball with everything the mayor needs, there is something duplicitous about him which cannot easily be first quantified or explained away. Will the fifth season story arc rotate around Luke and whatever he is scheming?

What are your thoughts pertaining to the Good Witch and the current season thus far? Does it maintain the charm of the original television film series?

Who is in the Cast for the Fifth Season?

In addition to Bell, Madison, Denton and Power, the main cast includes Rhys Matthew Bond, Catherine Disher and Kylee Evans. The on-screen chemistry between the talent is unmistakable. The show works because the acting talent make the characters believable. Almost everyone knows at least one Martha Tinsdale. There is no denying it. Someone like her exists in every community. I dare you to tell me I’m wrong.

Final Thoughts

Do you know what this series has in common with Doctor Who? An aspect of the Good Witch, reminiscent of Doctor Who, is that there are “Special” episodes between seasons. These episodes, typically feature length, are not part of either the previous or coming season. Each Special revolves around a narrative independent of the series itself. These productions are neither part of the previous or coming season. Despite being listed first in a given season on IMDb, the episode is numbered zero and not one.