Have you got a feeling you can’t let go?

Promotional Image: "Bosch" Image Credit: Amazon.com

I’ve got a feeling “Bosch” season five will surpass previous instalments of the Amazon Prime original series. Landing on Amazon Prime Friday, 19 April 2018, the Michael Connelly / Eric Ellis Overmyer co-created crime drama “Bosch” all ten episodes of the series’ fifth season will become available for subscribers to watch back-to-back.

“Bosch” Promotional Poster. Credit: IMDb.

Of course, beginning with the fifth season premiere “Two Kinds of Truth,” Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, Amy Aquino, Lance Reddick, Madison Lintz, Troy Evans and Gregory Scott Cummins have all returned to the series for this fifth instalment.

There are many detective shows. It is a popular genre. It has been for decades. There is only one “Bosch.” “Bosch” is a delicious glimpse into a  perfectly developed fictional universe. Williver is the quintessential Harry Bosch. From the series premiere, Williver’s personification of Connelly’s character is on point.

If you are familiar with the series, you’ll know “Bosch” originally premiered on Thursday, 6 Feb. 2014. Each season has proven entertaining. With the drama already renewed for a sixth season, the quality of the series is evident.

The quality of the series is apparent. It is about quality not quantity. This is the reality with many Amazon Prime productions. The Overmyer developed series packs a serious dramatic punch. Many American shows have seasons running anywhere between 20 and 26 episodes.

Connelly’s characters leap off the page like none other. It takes a seriously good writer to adapt a book series of this quality. The writer describes his creation as an “under-the-radar-noir.” Noir is a good word for the series.

With a seriously gritty Los Angeles feel, “Bosch” is arguably one of the best detective series adaptations. The level of development we have seen with the book series is mirrored perfectly in the Amazon Prime adaptation.

I’ve got a feeling “Bosch” will not end with the sixth season.