Hellmington (2019) Review


Hellmington, written and directed by Justin Hewitt-Drakulic and Alex Lee Williams, stars Nicola Correia-Damude as Det. Samantha Woodhouse. Further to Correia-Damude, the production also features Michael Ironside as Rupert Woodhouse.

Samantha, with severe depression resulting from the deaths of both her daughter and her father, has returned home to gain closure on a cold case that has been haunting her for almost a decade. No matter what Uncle Rupert says about investigating an active case that’s not within her jurisdiction, she is adamant to maintain course until the better end.

As Samantha continues to pursue the case, the truth of Katie Owens (Angelica Stirpe) becomes an exploration of her own murky past. Correia-Damude performance is constant. It never wavers. Consequently, she carries the narrative from the opening scene to the closing credits. Ironside once again proves he has what it takes to play the quintessential badass. Yannick Bisson cameo appearance as Professor Freeborn is well-performed.

There is an uncertain dichotomy to the production which leaves viewers wondering which film catalogue would list the production. Consequently, people tasked with such categorisations would have significant issues.

Is Hellmington a horror film? Throughout the production, there are elements which suggest it fits the category. There is also a degree of suspense which is undeniable. While at times it also fits with being a police procedural, certain scenes scattered across the film point towards it being a supernatural-ish cult film. Even though it’s not easy to tell exactly what genre the film fits perfectly with, it remains entertaining.

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Film Synopsis…

In 1999, outside the sleepy town of Hellmington, troubled high school senior Katie Owens mysteriously vanished.

Nine years later, Detective Samantha Woodhouse, a former classmate of Katie’s, returns to Hellmington for the first time since graduation to deal with the unexpected death of her father. His passing just another tragedy in an already devastating year for Sam: her own daughter’s murder, resulting in a downward spiral of anguish and guilt that has slowly destroyed her marriage and career.

Sam soon discovers that her father’s demise is one in a series of suspicious deaths over the last several years, and it appears that the grisly fatalities are becoming more frequent. Even more alarming, every victim circles back to the troubled Katie Owens.

Battling hallucinations, insomnia and her own personal demons, Sam struggles to uncover the disturbing truth of what really happened to Katie Owens; a mystery that will lead her to a secretive, centuries-old cult of revenge.

Cast Members…

Nicola Correia-Damude, Michael Ironside, Yannick Bisson, Angelica Stirpe, Monica Parker, Rob McCubbin, Allegra Fulton, Robin Archer and Munro Chambers as Samantha Woodhouse, Rupert Woodhouse, Professor Freeborn, Katie Owens and Claudette Gaudin, Richard Ruby, Maggie Owens, Doug Peart and Brad Kovacs, respectively.