House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vs. President Donald Trump

Screen Capture: Donald J. Trump's Twitter Account. Image Credit: Twitter and Donald J. Trump.

Did you see the Stephen Collinson written article that appears on the CNN website? Gripping stuff, there is no doubt. The CNN analysist makes it sound like the Pelosi vs. Trump meeting is the prize fight of the century.

America’s two most powerful leaders will come face-to-face again Wednesday in the latest twist of a many-layered test of wills that has momentous implications for the nation’s future.

The CNN analysist correctly observes “Everything in Washington comes down” to the meeting between Pelosi and Trump. It is reminiscent of the Cabinet Battle #1 track from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton: An American Musical. This is the track where we hear Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton faces-off-against Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson.

Will the meeting between Pelosi and Trump is as satisfying as the Hamilton vs. Jefferson cabinet battle? Anything is possible. The tensions between Pelosi andTrump is every bit as real as that seen between Hamilton and Jefferson.

All About Trump!!!

Trump is all about being the centre of attention. The spotlight must be on him at all times. Consequently, the president does not like to take a backseat to anyone in anything he does.

Do you remember last year’s State of the Union address? As a consequence of what Pelosi did, there is little doubt Trump forgets it.

During the address, if you recall, Pelosi successfully stole the attention of the country right from beneath the president’s feet. Because of Pelosi’s clap back, last year’s State of the Union is arguably one of the most entertaining in the history of Republican addresses.

Just look at Trump’s facial expression expression. It looks like the president is playing Queen Victoria. “We are not amused!” Despite Trump and his followers not being amused, many people that took to social media to create meme after meme found it hilarious.

No matter how condescending conservatives found Pelosi’s actions, because of public responce to the clap back, the House Speaker briefly became the Queen of Internet Meme. It was spectacular to watch.