IMDb’s Freedive is Here to Stay

Screen Capture: Freedive
Screen Capture: Freedive

What do you know about IMDb’s Freedive? Freedive is increasing in popularity because it addresses viewers needs rather than that of the service provider. Freedive came available Thursday, 10 Jan. 2019. Freedive has numerous film and television titles for people to enjoy. Every possible genre, inclusive of comedy, drama and science fiction, is available for your entertainment pleasure. That’s why IMDb titled the service ‘Freedive.’ You don’t even need a subscription for Freedive to access the content.

I recently found Warehouse 13 is available on Freedive. The same is true of Quantum Leap. Who knew? Amazon does because it owns IMDb. As well as watching Freedive through IMDb, you can also access the service on Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Prime, Roku and Android devices.

If Warehouse 13 or Quantum Leap is not your thing, the service apparently has you covered. The service also includes such hit television productions as Fringe, Heroes and Without a Trace. I wish JAG were part of the Freedive catalogue. We cannot have everything. At least, not all at once. It takes time to establish a comprehensive entertainment directory. Further, there is also Hollywood movies such as Awakenings, Foxcatcher, Memento, Monster, Run Lola Run and The Last Samurai. There are even documentaries for people that have more than a passing interest in any given subject matter.

Like Netflix, the content is subdivided into appropriately labelled categories: Recently Added Movies, Most Popular Movies, Popular TV Series, Top Rated Movies, IMDb Originals, Comedies and more.

Final Thoughts

During an hour-long episode, there are only four ads. There are only two ads during a 30-minute show. Ad-breaks for both movie and television productions run 30 to 60 seconds. This is better than television networks. Television networks have more interest in keeping advertisers happy than they are with their viewers. Because paid streaming services typically focus more on owning the content they stream, the titles in their respective catalogue frequently take a backseat. That’s not the way it is with Freedive.

Freedive found a place within the ever-expanding streaming market because Amazon knows how to cater to people’s interests and desires. Why not take advantage of it? It’s not as if it’s free or anything. Because the service is add-supported, it’s free. The advertisements do not spoil the enjoyment of productions.