One of the best aspects of Instinct is how the audience is drawn into the emotional states of both Dr Dylan Reinhart (Alan Cumming) and Det Lizzie Needham (Bojana Novakovic). The third episode in the current season does precisely that.

In this episode, Dylan and Lizzie are assigned to find a missing nine-year-old boy. Even though the professor manages to keep his emotions in check, Lizzie has a few difficulties doing likewise. Lizzie therefore allows Dylan the opportunity to take the lead on the case.

Screen Capture: Alan Cumming and Bojana Novakovic as Dr Dylan Reinhart and Det Lizzie Needham, respectively, in the Lee Rose directed Instinct episode ‘Finders keepers.’

There was something about this case which made Lizzie feel uncomfortable. Consequently, during their investigation, Dylan is able to help his partner deal with the issues that she’s dealing with.

Even though Dylan does not allow his emotions to prevent him from doing his job, late in the episode, Lizzie tells the professor that his “little act all day didn’t fool” her. If you saw the previous episode, ‘Broken Record,’ you will know Dylan and Andrew “Andy” Wilson (Daniel Ings) are wanting to start a family of their own. Lizzie correctly observes, from the way her partner has been behaving all day, “a kid in danger must be very upsetting.” “More like terrifying,” Dylan responds.

While the professor was able to hide his emotions from the television audience, Lizzie could see through the act. The detective saw that there were “too many eye blinks, deep breaths and hunch shoulders.” This is not the Dylan she knows. Consequently, Lizzie determines the case must have emotional ties for the professor.

The Tail End of the Episode…

In the closing seconds of the episode, Andy discovers the reason Sam Arimitsu (Olivia Oguma) is leaving the bar to move back to California is that she is pregnant. She is placing her baby for adoption. Andy reminds Dylan of what he said earlier in the day. The professor said, “Babies don’t magically appear.” It looks like Dylan could be wrong.

Screen Capture: Alan Cumming and Daniel Ings as Dr Dylan Reinhart and Andrew “Andy” Wilson, respectively, in the Lee Rose directed Instinct episode ‘Finders keepers.’ Facing away from the camera, playing Sam Arimitsu, is Olivia Oguma.

The journey Dylan and Andy are taking towards parenthood shows a side to the professor we have not seen before. Does Dylan have a sweet sentimental side? We already know this is true of Andy.

Narrative Cast…

The cast for this third episode includes Carlos Gómez, Jayden Marine, Jennifer Mudge, Olivia Oguma, William Ragsdale and Shiloh Verrico as Alfaro, Robby, Melissa Lockhart, Sam Arimitsu, Mr Lockhart and Sutton Lockhart, respectively.

The next episode in the series, ‘Big Splash,’ will hit television screens on Sunday, 21 July 2019 on CBS at 20:00 (8:00 p.m.).

Final Thoughts…

An aspect of Instinct I like is social commentary. This is one of the reasons I gravitate to the production. It is interesting how right-wing thinkers have not yet made comment about the direction Instinct is going. Dylan, a professor of psychology, is the husband of attorney / bar owner Andy.

While Conservatives might not believe same-gender couples capable of being loving parents, there is no evidence supporting the argument. It’s 2019 not 1959. Living in the past only holds society back from a progressive future. It is time to let go of archaic thinking. I guess it’s only a matter of time before certain zealots unleash their wrath.